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Life Is About Living, Not About Worrying – Or What Does Personal Power Really Mean Part 1

  The other day a good friend of mine uttered this very profound statement. It may seem that an “of course” answer would be...

Consciously Using NLP Language Patterns in Your Speech to Unite, Divide, or Motivate Your Audience

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Increases Your Awareness One of the weaknesses of educational systems worldwide is that they tend...

Is This the Reason Why it is So Difficult To Lose Weight?

According to the statistics in the policy research study: Pub. 757, Public Policy in Global Health and Medical Practice obesity... Read More

How to Make Every Presentation into a No-Fail Sales Process

“Begin with the End in Mind” Stephen Covey’s famous principle applies to just about every aspect of life which is why...

The Friendship Project: Why Rapport Is Important Part 2

Calibration is one way of testing whether you're in Rapport with someone. Simply, that means you need to develop your sensory acuity to such an extent that you can begin to see people’s reactions...Read More

The Friendship Project: Why Rapport Is Important Part 1

No matter what you do, the ability to establish, develop and maintain Rapport with large groups of people all from different backgrounds will allow you to get what you want. Having Rapport with someone will allow...Read More

The Hard-To-Swallow Truth About the Way We Talk to Each Other- Part 2

  In Part 1 of this article we took an NLP based approach to explain why when you talk to another person they don’t seem to...

2018 Hypnosis Trainer’s Training | Sydney

Finally we are here, the final day of the Hypnosis Trainer’s Training Sydney. Let see what’s Dr. Adraian would like to...