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NLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James CoNLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James CoNLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James Co

Communicating effectively is essential in both your business and personal life.

Whether you’re speaking at a meeting, presenting to clients, or addressing a large audience, you want your message to have a powerful impact. 

Our Public Speaking training will enable you to speak comfortably and create meaningful connections with your audience, whether they be online or in-person.

Become the Communicator You’ve Always Dreamed of Being

Dates: September 28 – October 10 | Location: Online or in-person in Sydney, Australia

Time commitment: 10x Afternoons 

Transform Your Public Speaking Skills in Just 10x Afternoons

Easily integrate the courage and skills within yourself so you can stand up in front of people and captivate the room. No longer held back by fear, you will become the best presenter and speaker you can be in just 10x afternoons.

Dr. Adriana James, a world-renowned expert in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and public speaking, will lead this transformative training. You don’t need any prior NLP experience – we’ll install everything you need at the conscious and unconscious level (if you wish) during the course so you can overcome your fears and become a dynamic public speaker.

Why Choose Our Training?

Eliminate Nervousness

Nervousness is not normal. Whether you prefer conscious or unconscious learning, we will install the skills you need to eliminate your fear of public speaking. Our training will gently guide you to overcome nervousness, allowing you to stand up and speak with confidence.

Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is crucial, but how do you connect when speaking to masses online, at conferences, or to a team? Learn how to ensure your message is consistently interpreted correctly by each person, whether you’re speaking online or in person.

Organize Your Material

There’s lots of well-meaning advice out there about how to grab your audience’s attention in the first 30 seconds. But how do you truly start a speech that draws everyone in the room instantly? We’ll teach you how to communicate to a mass audience and motivate them from the start.

Adapt with Feedback

Every successful communicator receives feedback. Learn how to receive feedback unemotionally and incorporate it into your future public speaking. This process is essential for continuous improvement in your talks, presentations, and speeches.

Showcase Your Personality

To share who you really are, you need to be comfortable and free of fear. Your life experience is as important as anyone else’s. Learn how to focus on what you have to offer your audience and how to speak with the impetus that truly reflects you.

Use Humor Effectively

Nobody is born an excellent public speaker – they are highly trained. Good public speakers use humor to lighten the mood, making their messages better received. Learn how to use humor effectively without turning into a clown.

Speak with Minimal Notes

There is a specific order and sequence to public speaking that works for everyone. Learn to communicate with a positive impact and feel comfortable with very few notes, ensuring your message is clear and impactful.

Grab and Hold Attention

Your goal is to keep your audience attached to you, not the technology you are using. Learn how to maintain your audience’s attention and rely less on audiovisual aids so you keep their focus. 

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Benefits of Becoming a Masterful Public Speaker

Enhance Your Career:

  • Increase your visibility within your organization, impressing board members, committees, suppliers, and stakeholders.
  • Open doors to new career opportunities and advancements by showcasing your polished public speaking skills.

Boost Your Sales:

  • Become a more effective speaker and presenter, driving higher sales commissions.
  • Learn to present yourself, your products, and your company in the best possible light to prospects and clients.

Personal Growth:

  • Get rid of your worst fears before they happen.
  • Learn to command a room and make everyone feel like you are speaking directly to

Dr. Adriana James: From Prodigy to Pioneer in NLP

Co-Founder of NLP Coaching, The Tad James Company​

Dr. Adriana James’ journey is a testament to the power of determination and resilience. Born in Romania, Adriana was a child prodigy in classical music, winning national competitions by age 7 and amassing 19 top European awards as a violinist. Despite her early success, political turmoil forced her to start anew twice, first in Germany and then in Australia, where she rose to become the Concertmaster of the Sydney Opera and Ballet Company. Her remarkable achievements earned her the “Woman of the Year” award by The American Biographical Institute in 1994. 

Adriana’s quest for excellence led her to the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Trained by Dr. Tad James, a pioneer in NLP, Adriana achieved perfect scores in her certification exams and eventually left the classical music world to open her own NLP Training Company in Sydney. Earning a Ph.D. in Alternative Modes of Consciousness, Adriana is also a Master Trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy®, and Hypnosis, and has earned international recognition for her contributions to human potential and performance. 

Building on Dr. Tad James’ legacy, Adriana has continued to innovate within the field of NLP and Time Line Therapy®, developing new techniques and training programs. A celebrated author of several books, including the best-sellers “Values And the Evolution of Consciousness,” and “Time Line Therapy® Made Easy”, Adriana is revered globally as a powerful role model and inspirational leader in both the arts and personal development.

Our Commitment to Your Success

At our Public Speaking Training, we measure our success by the achievements of our graduates. We are dedicated to helping you reach your goals and become a confident, compelling speaker. All of our students receive life-time support.

Secure Your Spot Today!

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn from one of the best in the field. Spaces are limited and filling up quickly.

Join Dr. Adriana James in Sydney or Online and transform your public speaking skills in just 10x afternoons.

Enquire Now or Book Online to secure your place!

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Schedule a call with one of our Results Specialists to have your questions answered and receive a tailored training program recommendation that suits your needs. Schedule a call with our team at a time that works best for you, or call (888) 440-4823 (USA) or +61 (0)2 9221 9221(Australia).
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TRAINING SELECTED: Public Speaking Training

Course dates: September 28 - October 10


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