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Tad James Co. Australia | What We Do

At the Tad James Co. Australia we believe that we can assist people to empower themselves by learning the right skills and techniques...

Adriana James Moving America Forward

An interview with Dr. Adriana James on the television show Moving America Forward – the ripples of positive change continue to...

Are you “Coming Up Short” When You Compare Yourself to Other people? There is a 1 in 5 Chance You Have Low Self-Esteem…. Introduction

There seems to be a magic number 87.9% circulating on several websites which means that one in 5 people could have low self-esteem...Read More

Who’s in Charge of Your Thinking and Is NLP Helpful With This? Part 2

“We cannot think what we cannot think; so what we cannot think we cannot say either.” If your thinking is not controlled by anything outside you, you are free to think. What do you think about that?...Read More

NLP Master Practitioner Sydney | May 2018

Let’s celebrate the 91 inspired and unleashed Master Practitioners that have now graduated and have set a course back out into...

NLP Coaching | NLP Master Practitioner Board Break | Las Vegas 2018

70+ boards SMASHED and BROKEN…Go Team USA! That’s right, we are on our way to delivering another 60 hungry, inspired and highly...

Who’s in Charge of Your Thinking and Is NLP Helpful With This? Part 1

The idea that our thinking, our ideas, our opinions are pretty much programmed by friends, family and the media. Ask a dozen people what they think about a current news event and you will find a commonality...Read More

New Year Resolutions Quiz: Success or Failure in 2019

Change happens all the time and conscious change can be arduous. How would you like to learn how to make positive change in a moment...