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How NLP Coaching Can Help You

Life is what you make of it and NLP gives you the tools to make something amazing. Want to perform better at work and climb the ladder of success? NLP will help. Do you want to create better relationships and become fulfilled as a person? NLP will help. Do you want to achieve everything you've ever dreamed of? NLP will help.

Exclusive NLP Training Programs

The Tad James Co., founded by renowned Drs. Tad and Adriana James, is the leading provider of NLP Coaching and Training programs, in addition to Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy®. At NLPCoaching.com, you will find all the resources you need to learn about NLP, and become a practitioner or coach.


Does NLP (or Time Line Therapy®) Work For Anxiety?

Here is an answer, two pages or less, to a common question in NLP. (The NLP technique we use for anxiety is Time Line...

Tad James Message 2017-18

A personal message for YOU from Dr. Tad James himself! Check out this video and see firsthand Dr. Tad James in action during the...

Bizarre… Not so! Values Levels Conflicts

This is funny… in an dry way. Here is the name of an article somebody forwarded to me today: Coca-Cola Paid Priests to Use Coke In...

What Can NLP (and Time Line Therapy®) Be Used For

Everybody seems to kind of agree that your thoughts and emotions – most of them unconscious – derived from long-forgotten...

So You Can! NLP Says So! It’s In the NLP Communication Model!

This one will shock some people. What if you find about your closest friend’s Facebook page that he “scored big” with the girl...

The Hypnotic Power of Language to Manipulate Consciousness – Part 3

This is Part 3 of a little series dedicated to the power of language to manipulate consciousness. You can read Part 1 and Part 2...

LIVE Fear Is Your Greatest Enemy
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