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NLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James CoNLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James CoNLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James Co

Most people want to be more productive and more effective, not only in their work but in general: Get more done in a shorter amount of time. There are a lot of intelligent tools that can help to automate many of the tasks taking time and energy, and yet, there seems to be only more to do and attend to every day.

The common beliefs blame the organizational culture, new problems and difficulties appearing daily, too many automated features to choose from (anything from scheduling to analytics), social media, client management including customer relationship management, different customer database software, planning, market changes, and so on. To be more productive, we have to change the way we think.

NLP and Time Line Therapy® address people’s way of thinking (not what they think, but how they think). Both technologies offer helpful skills in (re)organizing the mind so it becomes more impactful and more creative in finding solutions that work. Here are just a few:

NLP can help individuals understand how to get from under feeling overwhelmed and overloaded. The step-by-step technique also shows an individual how to be flexible in their thinking in the face of any new arising problem. By adopting new adaptive responses to overload, individuals find that they can attend to everything necessary in a shorter amount of time.
Time Line Therapy® offers understanding and tools to eliminate blockages which prevent an individual from becoming an immediate action taker. They deal with those inner mind-barriers (usually Limiting Decisions and Limiting Beliefs) which directly prevent an individual’s creativity and innovative spirit to be efficient and thus increasing performance.
NLP helps individuals to deal successfully with procrastination – the technique is taught in the NLP Practitioner Training as a part of the anchoring section.
NLP also offers a simple technique for lateral thinking. It is a well-known fact that lateral thinking is necessary for solutions “out of the box.” But NLP has the “how-to-do-it” method as part of the language section of the NLP Practitioner Training.
Time Line Therapy® also can assist in getting rid of the inability to make decisions, or the difficulty in making a decision. It does that by discovering and removing the un-useful beliefs and decisions preventing productivity.
In some cases, productivity is stifled because of the presence of inner conflicts. Inner conflicts lead to inability to make clear choices. Indecision and inner conflict are in many cases responsible for inability to act with clarity of mind. In NLP, the technique for integrating conflicts is called “Parts Integration.”
Time Line Therapy® offer direct solutions for time management by making the use of time more effective by changing of the Time Line direction and location. Depending on the orientation of the Time Line’s location and direction, an individual can organize time far more effectively.
Time Line Therapy® can assist in removing Negative Emotions from the past and thus freeing the mind from the baggage of unresolved Negative Emotions on past events. As a result, the mind is free from bad comparisons and creates solutions much more easily.
NLP can also be very helpful develop clear strategies for focusing only on what’s important, how to differentiate between those things that make a difference and how to cut out time-wasters.
NLP can also assist individuals in their communication. An effective and clear communication makes a difference and allows the individual to focus on what matters, delegate efficiently, and overall, how to improve results. All these are leading to changes in the individual productivity largely.

It is hard to increase productivity just by fine-tuning what you’ve been already doing. It will require a broader approach, with new skills and immediately applicable tools. The result is a new ability to discipline the mind (including self-discipline), to think out of the box, to manage time far more effectively, and to proceed with clear decisions and a focused mind. Once the mind changes, productivity changes positively as well.

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