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NLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James CoNLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James CoNLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James Co

We all want to live a life with independence, motivation, self-control, respect, and joy; to feel capable and impactful. Even if we know we are smart, often we are overloaded with hard-working hours and family responsibilities, with partners and children and all the other daily obligations.

You do your best to go about your life, giving back what you can, and do your best to make your own little corner of the world get better. You know that doing so makes you feel empowered. But no matter how hard you try, at the end of the day, deep down, you may still feel unappreciated or simply…not good enough. At some point, the following question comes to mind: Have I done all I could for my family, for my partner, for my children, to please my parents, to please my boss, my friends, my team? The answer may be a resounding “yes” and yet, you still have that feeling of not being truly appreciated for all that effort. No matter what you do, it seems just…not good enough.


Nobody is born with lack of self-confidence. When we were babies, we did not feel “not good enough.” But as we grew up, we started comparing ourselves with others. From there, we started craving approval and acceptance and our lives were marked by this need.

This can happen at any age. Even the most successful people with lots of self-confidence can have a business or relationship hiccup after which they don’t feel the same anymore.

And then, there are those beliefs that get either formed or adopted based on our comparisons with others. “They” can have it all (the success, the relationship, the lifestyle, the financial security, the acceptance and love, etc.,) but not me. “I’m just not smart enough,” or “I’m not strong enough” hang about in the background of the Unconscious Mind. These beliefs (in Time Line Therapy®, we call them Limiting Beliefs and Limiting Decisions) run counter to what you really desire. The paradox is that while they’re present inside the mostly unconscious thinking, they don’t allow you to be your best you could be. They literally limit you.

Time Line Therapy® can help with discovering and removing the Limiting Beliefs you may not even know consciously but which stop you from feeling good enough, or worthy as a person, partner, lover, and as a professional. If even only unconsciously there is a Limiting Decision or a Limiting Belief in the depth of the Unconscious Mind that says “I don't deserve it“ or “I can’t accept myself for who I am,” that makes you feel “less than,” there is a way to remove those by using Time Line Therapy®.
If there is a part of you yearning for appreciation for your hard work and yet you feel that no matter how much effort you put in every day, you’ll never get that appreciation, the NLP process called Parts Integration is designed with that purpose in mind.
Time Line Therapy® can also assist with the removal of other Negative Emotions like anger, frustration, resentment, sadness, fear, guilt, or hurt. In this respect, there is no other process comparative to Time Line Therapy®. The emotions don’t “feel better”, they are not “easier to cope with” – the Negative Emotions and the Limiting Beliefs about the self, disappear.
Time Line Therapy® as a process deals with the structure of how those Negative Emotions and Limiting Decisions or Limiting Beliefs are held in consciousness. Despite being a set of techniques easy to learn, they are unmatched in their power of transforming one’s life.
By releasing all the emotional baggage from the past using Time Line Therapy®, the pretense of looking self-assured and confident while hiding a fragile and vulnerable core is totally dismissed as not necessary.

The future has not happened yet. We are all in the process of creating it moment by moment and day by day. It makes a difference whether we proceed into the future free of the emotional and mental luggage we carry from the past or burdened by it. With Time Line Therapy®, letting go of past unresolved Negative Emotions and Limiting Beliefs about the self means that the future can be very different. We can have a mind free and unburdened by the past; we can be free to create, invent, and be genuine without fear of judgment and find solutions that empower our new selves. We can benefit from a new “status” more than we can ever buy or earn. Simply by freeing yourself from the burden of not feeling self-confident, you also earn the ability, the time, and the talent to enable the same in others.

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