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NLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James CoNLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James CoNLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James Co

Personal Development

Personal development is possible for everyone, but it is not guaranteed and here is why.

There comes a point in anyone’s life where the question of “How to better myself?” appears. With it, other questions like how to increase consciousness, self-awareness, self-confidence, the level of skills and contribution to community also arise. What can be done so that monotony and dullness cannot settle in anymore and life becomes fun and exciting? Is there any way to change the feeling of just going through the daily motions without any growth or any forward movement, but just a boring and repetitive daily routine?

Many people liken personal development with physical development. They go the gym, work out hard and look the part. Others liken personal development with spiritual practices. That is correct. But is that all?

Many times, in NLP Trainings, even well-known athletes and well-versed meditators, yoga teachers or martial arts people show up to the training. Regardless of the level of mastery of their physical bodies or spiritual aspects of themselves, they find something is still missing. The feeling of “there is more to me” settles in. This can happen to most famous people as well as to anyone else. Without a full knowledge and understanding of the mental and emotional parts of oneself, and most importantly the practical steps of how to change what does not work or keeps one stuck and in a short amount of time, repetitive loops settle in and no matter how good that may feel, further progress, growth and development are not possible.

NLP and Time Line Therapy® are different types of skills that assist with mental and emotional development. The understanding of how the mind works, how it is intimately connected with the physical body and control over emotions are essential to everyone’s progress and development. Both recognize that a human being is not just a bunch of molecules, chemicals and electromagnetism, and start with the premise that there is a basic thing called the Mind-Body Connection.


After discovering how the Mind-Body Connection works, NLP and Time Line Therapy® Training unpack for us the component parts of our thinking, like:

Modalities (pictures, sounds, feelings, smells and tastes we use as our Self-Talk)
Submodalities (those distinctions we all do inside our minds to distinguish like vs. dislike, to set firm our values and beliefs, etc.)
Anchors (the relationships between an external input and an internal emotional state)
Strategies (how we do things)
Values (unconscious filters clarifying what’s important to us),
MetaPrograms (unconscious programs we run which filter our experiences)
How do we experience and use Time, and how do we make this effective?

Time Line Therapy® offers the applications of this knowledge as also valuable in the physical body (leading to positive and constructive behaviors), as well as mentally (intelligence and awareness), and emotionally (releasing of Negative Emotions).

Although NLP and Time Line Therapy® are not designed specifically to serve the purpose of development of consciousness and awareness, they do just that. For example:

The understanding of the eight different ways of thinking present on the planet today (in NLP Master Practitioner Training, the section is called Values Levels thinking)
The capability of eliciting one’s own values in different areas of life
Changing those values
Eliminating all the Negative Emotions and Limiting Beliefs associated with them
Setting goals in a novel way, utilizing one’s future Time Line in a way that makes them happen

With the complete understanding and the mastering of the skills and tools from NLP and Time Line Therapy®, and the continuous practice of those for one’s benefit, they both become effective methods for personal development. Then, personal development could be transformed from possible to guaranteed.

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