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NLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James CoNLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James CoNLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James Co

Love it or hate it, the business world relies on sales. In fact, we are all selling something every day. From the ideas we “sell” to our children, significant others, or members of our family, to business transactions or deals, we are all selling every day. Whether sales involve money exchanges or not, it can make a big difference in how people think of the process. Nevertheless, the sales process remains the same. According to some statistics available, sales seems to be a profession that is the most rapidly growing career in the United States.

Unfortunately, due to the out-of-integrity and lack of knowledge in how to approach clients from the serving perspective rather than transactions perspective, the whole idea of doing sales may be repugnant to some.

At the same time, people who are good at sales know that most of their skills are valuable only when they are helping someone obtain a result they couldn’t create on their own. The shiny, super-smiley, outgoing, and over-the-top-friendly type of salesperson just does not work anymore, although it has been used and overused in the past. Their charm (and sometimes even sexuality) was supposed to help them to get what they wanted as opposed to helping the client get what they wanted.

To be really good at sales, the old “techniques” just don’t work. If the sales process is based on misuse of the power of persuasion or exploitation of a client’s desires, it isn’t how sales should be. It is direct manipulation. The clients prefer and want to work with a salesperson that takes the time to understand them and offers solutions in terms of product and service according the tailored and individual needs of their customers.


Nowadays, the requirement for sales is directed toward understanding the needs and decision-making of each individual customer, their values and beliefs, and their preferred mode of operation. Without these skills and way of thinking, sales become a struggle. Approached this way (as the Tad James Co. teaches these NLP skills), the process of selling becomes a joy: the joy of serving clients in a win-win situation.

To be good at sales is not difficult. Although same good sales reps are born with naturally fast rapport-building skills, instinctual understanding of client’s needs, high intuition and emotional intelligence, these people are the exception, not the rule. The skill set required can be taught, trained, and developed. Anyone who is willing to do the work can learn.

If you hold Limiting Beliefs like, “I am not aggressive, therefore I can’t do sales,” (“aggressive” salespeople are a thing of the past – it does not work well), or Negative Emotions like feeling personally rejected, frustrated or disregarded), you can’t even begin to learn how to be a masterful salesperson if your beliefs don’t support you. Time Line Therapy® allows you to let go of Negative Emotions like rejection, fear, and anxiety and Limiting Beliefs about yourself like “Nobody wants to talk to me,” “I can’t do sales,” etc.


Both NLP and Time Line Therapy® offer a very useful set of techniques which represent the absolute necessary proficiency of an exquisite salesperson. Among them are the following:

How to become other-oriented rather than self-oriented through the NLP process called Sensory Acuity – how to notice things about the other person’s physiology that most people won’t notice and utilize those signs in a positive way.
How to understand sale as a process (meaning a series of steps in one’s mind) and not as a series of pre-packaged sentences ready to be regurgitated without discrimination, regardless of the client’s personality or particular decision-making strategy and personal values.
How to discover and utilize presuppositions in natural language – what is presupposed or assumed by the client’s speech. In other words, how to start “hearing between the lines” without guessing or imposing one’s own expectations or having predetermined or prejudiced evaluations. NLP can also be helpful with the use of the presuppositions in natural language for communication that is easily accepted by the listener so that communication makes sense to them.
NLP shows you in a clear, simple to understand and replicate way how to achieve (and maintain) instant rapport with people based on that person’s preferred modality of verbal expression and communication (visual, auditory, or kinesthetic), physiology, tone of voice and speed of speech, and other common experiences.
NLP is unique in revealing the client’s decision-making strategy. (Most salespeople try to sell clients with their own decision-making strategy.)
NLP is also unique in showing the good salesperson how to discover and utilize the Client’s values (not the salesperson’s values). Everybody has values, only a little-known secret in NLP is that not everybody’s values are the same and that all values are good (for the individual person). Salespeople unaware of this technique try to sell clients with the wrong values.
NLP is also very effective in how to discover the client’s MetaPrograms. These are unconscious, content-free programs we all run which filter our experience in specific and individual ways. For example, the difference between Matching and Mismatching (which is a contradictory behavior or words because of different processing of information at the unconscious level); toward and away from (also known as carrot or the stick), and Inferential or Literal listener to a total of 19 different filters, each of which can have a great input in the purchasing decision of a client.
NLP, as taught at Tad James Co., has a simple 5 Step Process that is easy to remember and easy to follow that keeps the sales process on track, without any aggressive, intimidating, or dishonest behaviors. The process puts the client first, before the commission. If clients are happy and gets what they want rather than what the salesperson want to sell them, money flows both ways.

There are innumerable sales techniques, but NLP is unique in that it allows you to discover HOW a person think so you can serve them inside their needs (not yours). At the Tad James Co., NLP is taught with inbuilt integrity, so a good salesperson changes their mindset into how to serve that client in the best way possible, tailored to the person alone, and thus creating a real win-win situation and satisfaction (and thus repeat business).

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