You Are Important and This Is Why You Should Learn NLP

You Are Important and This Is Why You Should Learn NLP

You Are Important and This Is Why You Should Learn NLP

Sometimes in our NLP trainings we hear people saying “I am not sure if there is anything special about me. I feel like I am just an average Jill/Joe.”

Or, “I would like to think there is something special about me, but I really don’t think so…” and you can feel a sense of regret in that tone of voice, almost like the person is trying to say “I wish I could be special, but I have been told I am not, so now I believe it.”

Think of it, you’ve been given talents and abilities in this life for one single purpose: to use them. Yes, all people have talents and abilities. In their own ways. And these special talents and abilities are to be used not only for you, although it all begins with you. These talents and abilities are there to use them – for yourself – but also for all the benefit of all others whose lives you touch. This is one of the most important gifts NLP has to offer: how to discover and make consistent use of your hidden talents, abilities, strategies for success and mastery of life.

Note that I said consistent use. I know people who happen to shine once for a short time and then disappear in the ocean of statistics that make up our society.

Are you just a statistical number?

In my humble opinion every person is an individual, with hopes and dreams and desires and plans for the future, and something special about you that makes you … YOU!

Now you may think you have no particular talents and abilities but the truth is everyone does. You do too. In your special way – NLP and especially Time Line Therapy® will help you to find them out, recognize them and put them to good use.

As a student of Neuro Linguistic Programming, you will recognize those special talents (maybe they manifest as strategies, or emotional resources, or positive decisions, what have you … and once you isolate them, then you can learn how to make use of these abilities in the best way.

What’s the use of an exquisite strategy if you’re not applying it constructively in your life? Let’s say you’re a people’s person. You can network graciously, and have a lot of contacts. It comes naturally to you. It does not require any effort. But maybe it did not occur to you that you can do that in business. How much more successful you could be if you learn how to transfer that strategy in your career? Or in making a prosperous business?

Once you begin to learn how to make use of your best inner resources (those of your mind) then you will end up far more confident and happy.

Imagine mastering the art of purposeful communication. In general people just talk – most people talk to simply share. But what about purposefully communicating so that your message is actually understood?

We all had times when we exchanged communication to other people (members of our families, our partners in life, our friends, or business co-workers, bosses or employees and we really tried hard to make them understand us, but eventually we realized that… they don’t. That experience made us feel bad. It left us with a feeling of incompletion, frustration and maybe even resentment. And we said “They just don’t listen to me!”, blaming them. Well, they are as they are. And they will be that way forever. Not changing ourselves in the way we communicate to them will only lead to the same results as previously experienced.

The truth is that even if they do listen (which is not always a given), unless you talk in a way which is adapted to the person you’re talking to, your message, or idea, or sharing will not be understood the way you want it to be. In a nutshell this is part of the art of masterful communication. You learn how to talk and communicate so that you’re understood by all the people you talk to. They won’t change. You won’t change them. You can only improve your flexibility of communication so you can be malleable and adapt to them. Then they will understand you!

But let’s take this a step further; what about being able to become a real expert of persuasion? To be able to persuade others to take an action that is good for them and that you want them to take. Like persuading your employees to produce the results you expect frm them and give us excuses for not doing so? Like persuading your children to stay off drugs? Or to be great students and achieve a great career? You will breakthrough to more success and satisfaction in life – and that’s what ultimately matters.

And through the techniques you learn in NLP and the ability to let go of Negative Emotions and Limiting Decisions about yourself in Time Line Therapy® * you can experience a more rewarding career, personal and family relationships and the like. You will make the kind of changes you can rely on forever– those changes are yours, you make them possible, and they are long lasting.

*NOTE: for a taste of how Time Line Therapy® works click here

So the question is then, what do you need to do to reach your goals and objectives more easily? And the answer is by changing something you’ve been doing so far. By improving the way you think. It is an old cliché that says ”If you keep doing what you’ve always been doing, you’re going to get what you’ve been always getting, no more, no less.” In this way, progress is not possible.

In the NLP Coaching training, you will also learn how to develop an action plan based on your real skills, abilities and talents, and how to put it into practical application so that you achieve exceptional results. The biggest problem is when people want to know how to solve their problems, but don’t take action because they don’t know how. To be able to live the life you desire, you need to learn to create it the way you want – in a new way.

Here are the Three Levels of NLP Training Programs and NLP Coaching.

I hope to meet you personally in one of them.

Be well.


Adriana James

About the Author: Adriana James

NLP Master Trainer, Hypnosis Master Trainer and NLPCoaching Master Trainer. She is the author of the book Values And the Evolution of Consciousness - a book about how to take advantage of the massive changes which the world is going through and  Time Line Therapy® Made Easy - an introduction to Time Line Therapy® techniques easy to master by everyone. To read more about Adriana go here.


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    Darryl Alexander

    Just completed my NLP lifecoaching training course and cannot describe how it’s changed my life. Time line therapy as simple as it seems removed a phobia in under 3 minutes, I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it myself.

    Cant wait to complete my Master Practitioner training!

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    Brett Ellis


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    Thank you very much for such nice information. There are many good points in it for why we should learn NLP.

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