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NLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James CoNLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James CoNLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James Co Contest 2015 – Carol Passemard

Why Discovering means Miracles Happen

We had been living in a world of various dramas that we were happily dealing with – It was called ˜Life’!

We had set our dream for a home to eventually retire to and this is what we wanted:

  • Big skies
  • Sea views
  • South facing
  • A place we could do something to make it 3 bedrooms
  • Close to a community
  • Near to where we could put a boat in the water.

We had been looking around the South and West coasts of the UK and Wales.

Why had we chosen to create such a wish list? Because: I had attended an NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis course in 2005 that caused me to think in a different kind of way to what I had done in the past.

I was so affected by the remarkable experiences that I encountered on my NLP Practitioner Training, that I chose to continue through to becoming a Trainer in Time Line Therapy® – this to me was the stuff that really made a difference and where I could start to create and manifest my dreams.

After attending the Master Practitioner Training, I started my own business in the UK – Breakthrough Retreat. We lived in a beautiful farmhouse that we had converted from a tumbled down barn at the beginning of the Millennium. It was a perfect place for me to work with clients who travelled up from London. Most of my clients worked in Government Departments and were stuck in jobs that did not motivate them.

Early on I was approached by my hairdresser. Her daughter (aged 13), Anna, was being severely bullied at school and she wondered if I could help. As I was in need of practice, having recently qualified, I agreed to see her for a day. I took her through a full break through session, showing her how to recognise her values, and what was stopping her from achieving them. We then got rid of all of her negative emotions and limiting beliefs using Time Line Therapy®. This all worked like clock work until we moved onto Setting her Future Goals.

At this point Anna told me that all she had ever wanted to do in life was to go and live near her father in Australia. Her parents had divorced when she was young and her mother was now well established in the UK, in a new relationship and running a successful hair dressing business. Using my own intuition I asked her if it would be totally ok for her to set a goal in the future, at the age of 18, when she would be in a position to make her own choices? She agreed. Her goals were set and we moved to the next stage, inserting her goals into her future Time Line.

Anna went in to a deep trance like sleep and I chose to leave her until she woke up over an hour later. I never saw Anna again or discussed her experience with her family. About 6 weeks later, I met up with her mother who told me she and her partner had decided to get married, she had a buyer for the hair dressing business and they were leaving the UK to go and live in Australia, near to where Anna’s father lived. This quite took my breath away! Was this a coincidence? Within 5 months Anna’s dreams had come true.

I have been working with clients for almost 10 years from many different walks of life. I now know that it was not a coincidence and the secret to success has been by using Time Line Therapy® in order to make change happen.

In 2006, we had a fabulous holiday booked in the Caribbean where we were to charter a yacht and sail from St Vincent to Grenada, but much to our disappointment, I was taken ill and not only did we not go on that wonderful holiday, I also had to postpone my NLP Trainers Training.

At a loss as to what we were going to do for our holiday, my husband Paul, suggested we travel to Northern Ireland and spend a few days with our daughter and then drive down the West coast, stopping off at B&Bs. We had a great time and decided to return to Connemara for a week in a hotel in the autumn.

The weather was glorious during that October holiday and we had the time of our lives. I had forgotten all about our search for a new home to retire to, but that holiday sowed a seed in us and we decided to look for the house of our dreams in Connemara.

In my journal of goals that I set each year, I wrote in January 2007 ˜we find the house of our dreams when we return to Connemara in September 2007′. It is ours by end of the year 2007.

We rented a cottage in the September and started our search. This was when we were shown details of a property that we were advised not to go and see! It was ours by January 2008 and ticked all the boxes! It was on Sky Road, has sea views of the Atlantic ocean, every room has south facing views, except for the kitchen, which faces east & west, it had been a 6 bedroom B&B which we turned into a 3 bedroom home, close to a wonderful community of very friendly people, and 2 minutes from the Boat Club!

5 years ago we moved here as our permanent home. I continue to run Breakthrough Retreat. Clients come from far and wide to be inspired by the landscape and learn what I have learned about Creating your Future® just the way you want.

I am eternally grateful to Drs Tad & Adriana James for their continued commitment to making this a better world where Miracles Happen just the way you choose. It’s a case of knowing your values, believing in them 100% and being committed to making them happen. Thank you.

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About the Author: Carol Passemard

I am passionate about inspiring people to be true to themselves and discover their own happiness both in work and in their personal lives.

My aim is to help you find your true self, those gifts, skills and talents that have been locked inside your soul since the beginning of time. They are the things that can make a real difference in your business and personal life.

I draw on over 40 years experience as a nurse and in business as a management consultant, trainer and coach.

Empowering you to be the successful person you deserve to be is my goal. Imagine discovering the key that unlocks your full potential and in just 2 days! If you want to learn more about Carol, go here.

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