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How NLP Can Change Your Life

How NLP Can Change Your Life

NLP is a collection of tools and techniques. It is usually taught in a training format since the power of NLP is not in its theory but in its direct practical applications. We teach NLP together with Time Line Therapy®, NLP Coaching and Hypnosis. They can be learned individually to achieve control over our own behaviors, belief systems, emotions and ability to think our ways out of the problems with which we are confronted on a daily basis – be in it careers, relationships, health and fitness, family or in any other area of life.

Here is a little tidbit — just one little way in which NLP can be significantly helpful in changing one’s life. We are all positive thinkers, are we not? At least this is what we are told – “Think positively!” and we are doing our best to do just that: “Think positively!”

However, not many people are aware that “thinking” is a composite of pictures, sounds, feelings, tastes, smells and the internal dialogue we (more or less) continuously have inside of our heads.

Since this is the case, there are 6 different things we do, all of which are extremely important.

When we “think positively” and we choose positive words, we complete only one sixth of the whole package. What about the other five? Many people are not even aware of them! When we have a problem to solve and we focus on how to get rid of it, what pictures are we holding in the mind? What inner conversation do we run? What feeling do we really experience when we use positive words? Are we even conscious of what goes on inside the Unconscious Mind at all times?

There is only one way of being able to (1) become aware of what runs unconsciously in the background of the mind and (2) to have these 6 processes under complete control. This one way consists in learning to direct the focus of attention inward, and to notice the mental activities. This process is facilitated by educating yourself in NLP, Time Line Therapy®, NLP Coaching and Hypnosis.

In order to take control, first you have to “take stock”. Each of these four technologies promotes the “awakening” process. Many people discover for the first time how much un-useful “stuff” is active in the background of their minds. And yet, this inner mental discovery is the gate to freedom and inner power. Freedom and inner power to achieve, to create and to change anything you desire in your life. This is the difference between people who “make it” and people who cannot find their way home without being told what to do.

We constantly receive sensorial input from the world, input which creates in turn the fundamental opinion we hold as true about the world. Let’s say we have a situation where two people are involved in a stressful situation. These two people, are equally intelligent, equally educated and of similar backgrounds and social status. Most of the time, when asked to describe the situation the two, will not agree. The question is then, how come that two people subjected to the same experience describe it so differently? How is it possible that maybe one of them makes a drama out of which s/he cannot emerge for a long time and the other makes the best out of the situation? What makes the two so different? Obviously inside their minds they do different processes. These processes (which can be first discovered and then tweaked to suit your own needs during the NLP training) make the difference. Once discovery is complete then you can address the actual sources of your problems and resolve the true underlying cause of their presence.

What do you think happens when you focus to inhibit the negative thinking by forcing yourself to “think positively”? What pictures are associated with this task? Do you think they are of a positive nature? Do it yourself! What do you think of when you say “I will make as much money as I want”?

NLP is different from traditional approaches who try to push any true mental and emotional problem sources further into the background, making them much more difficult to address at a later time with a more legitimate approach. NLP, Time Line Therapy®, NLP Coaching and Hypnosis feel easy; they feel natural and not forced in any way because they take advantage of the processes naturally occurring inside your mind. In this way they are neutral, and have no inclination as traditional therapy, counseling, family, support groups or religion. Once a person learns how to be responsible for his or her own mind and emotions, life becomes easier and happier.


Be well.

Adriana James

About the Author: Adriana James

NLP Master Trainer, Hypnosis Master Trainer and NLPCoaching Master Trainer. She is the author of the book Values And the Evolution of Consciousness - a book about how to take advantage of the massive changes which the world is going through and  Time Line Therapy® Made Easy - an introduction to Time Line Therapy® techniques easy to master by everyone. To read more about Adriana go here.


  1. Brett Ellis
    Brett Ellis

    This could be a great example of consequence, but the application is easier than most people think until they experience one or more of the process or techniques.

    I remember when I first entered into Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). I thought,”what, this can’t be real!” huh! That blew my mind and the negative emotions I thought I needed to know how to live with. I was SO wrong and then I became excited.

    What I thought I needed to live with in a satisfactory way for society to accept me, totally disappeared! TOTALLY! Then I thought, “what am I going to do now? I have nothing to work with now my fears and limiting beliefs were gone? Huh, another realization popped in my mind. I had not only plenty to let go of that I had packed away but, I thought, “hey, I could improve my self further with these amazing techniques!”

    Then the memories came back from my past and more negative emotions. Funnily enough, that had me even more excited to think I could go for another ride with the techniques!!

    Then I began looking for things I didn’t want to deal with in my past and dealt with them. One step at a time, I realized this was my life journey and my future became bright! Now I realize even more than ever that I am alive and so I will always have something to refine or release that I can change. What a rush! I liked me and my life, the whole thing!!

    Growth and change has become a huge part of my life not to mention great purpose. As long as I’m alive I will always continue to grow. I can’t stop now I know how, so it became my profession and I continue to help others do the same kind of things and I’m always amazed when I see the transformations that people are making in their lives and their response.

    Once I thought I would have to live with the “stuff” I didn’t like in my past only to find that I could change what I wanted to change – my perceptions of natural growth totally transformed and so did I. Clients I’ve worked with have said to me many times, “why doesn’t everyone know about this?” I say, well you could go tell them! They smile and say, “I’ll certainly tell everyone I can!” And I guess they do!

    We can’t reach everyone but, we can reach the people closest to us and that’s a start, isn’t it! Now I work at keeping it “shiny side up!” What a journey, what a life!! Exciting, that’s for sure!

  2. Sophie Hills

    I used to think that the negative impacts from my childhood in my life was my lot, due to limited family belief systems.

    NLP has assisted me with understanding how I have created everything in my world, both negative and positive and that people are doing the best they can with the resources that they have at that time.

    I continue to grow in the area of change and I find new learning’s daily by taking notice of other people’s behaviours around me and questioning why I have created this in my world.

    I also continue to really get to know my unconscious mind, and have learnt to trust in this so that I am able to create what I want for my future.

  3. Fini

    This is why I love NLP so much!!! It is so practical and the techniques make so much sense when you look at how the mind functions with internal representations and the attached negative emotions and limiting decisions. As NLP uses all the representational systems and how they relate and create our world the problem is so thoroughly cleared out and change is so effective! NLP is such the perfect tool for continual growth and allows the individual to see themselves clearly and the world around them clearly and from that place create all that they desire.

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