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Can NLP Help Weight Loss

Can NLP Help Weight Loss


Here is an answer, one page or less, to a common question in NLP.

Can NLP help in weight loss? My personal experience is, “Yes!”

Let me tell you about a really good friend from many years ago who lost a lot of weight using NLP and Time Line Therapy® techniques. Dan was a good friend of mine. We had some fun times together, really fun. He first took The Secret of Creating Your Future® seminar with me in Dallas, and when I met him, he was a roly-poly guy from Texas who was almost as wide as he was tall. He was jovial and fun loving, always up for a joke.

Roughly a year later, I was back in Dallas, and I had quite a shock. He had come back to assist at the seminar. At first I didn’t recognize Dan, but I knew the voice and I was shocked, he said he needed to lose weight since he needed methods to reverse diabetes, so he changed his lifestyle and take some supplements from an online site.

In addition, At the website Neuropathy Cure our goal is to provide long acting relief to men and women suffering from neuropathy. Our website is designed to supply you with the knowledge and resources necessary to best understand the dysfunction, and treat it successfully.

He Lost 90 Pounds

I said, “Dan, Dan, Dan, what did you do?” He said, “I went on a diet, and used the technology from The Secret of Creating Your Future® seminar to lose weight.

He said he only did 4 things:

  1. He stopped eating starch and sugar,
  2. He ate only protein, fat and veggies (all veggies for body building),
  3. He exercised 3-4 times per week, and
  4. He put the goal in his future, and eliminated his doubts (this is a specific process we teach during our Time Line Therapy® trainings).

Dramatic! You bet.

I’ve had quite a number of clients who had considerable success losing weight just choosing a diet and a work-out plan and putting it in their future. Dan’s 90 pound loss was quite a lot (most people don’t lose 90 pounds), but his success in reaching his goal was not unusual (most people do reach their chosen goal).

Does NLP work for weight loss? Yup. Just ask Dan.

Tad James

About the Author: Tad James

Tad James, M.S., Ph.D. is a Certified Master Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Master Trainer of Time Line Therapy®, Master Trainer of Hypnosis and Trainer of NLPCoaching. Tad is the creator of a revolutionary new paradigm for human change known as the Time Line Therapy® techniques. He is the author of 7 books and numerous audios and videos in the field of NLP, including the Best Seller “The Secret of Creating Your Future®”. Tad James was the first NLP trainer to do a Learn NLP Training in an accelerated format.


  1. Avatar

    Hi Tad, this was a helpful reminder, just an hour before I have an intake interview for a client, who wants to lose 20 KG.

    Next, I check out the steps in your Timeline Therapy(TM) Master Practitioner Manual, to have them under my belt, and the Hypnotherapy Manual.

    At least I can sound smarter as I recapture and add knowledge to the existing “stock”, haha 🙂

  2. Brett Ellis
    Brett Ellis

    Another great success using NLP & Time Line Therapy® techniques! I’m hearing more and more of them from people all around the world!

    It seems to me that these amazing techniques are becoming a household discussion for many people. I hope we have enough NLP & Time Line Therapy® Trainers to train enough practitioners around the planet!!

    Go Dan!!!

  3. Avatar

    I notice that by making positive change in one specific context of life that the positive changes made also can naturally flow through to other contexts of life.

    I transformed my old unhealthy behaviours when I was enlightened to my personal direction and respect for myself and by focusing on achieving my original goal, to learn easily and effortlessly in becoming a Master Practitioner Coach of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis, I also resolved the unhealthy behaviour and weight and so very naturally I maintain the healthy weight and appetite I have today, just like a water pipe having been unblocked from one end to allow the energy to flow healthily and naturally throughout.

    This Article is a great reminder for me just how powerful these techniques are and will transform peoples lives 🙂

    • Avatar
      Fini Todd

      I agree with that point so much Lauren, when a major shift occurs in one area of your life it clears out so many unwanted behaviours that were unconscious in all other areas. A big spring clean for the whole Self. NLP, a one stop shop hahahaha

      • Brett Ellis
        Brett Ellis

        AGREED!!! A one stop shop with organic supplements on every shelf!!! 🙂 Now that’s the place to shop!!

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