Who Else Wants To Become a “Success Story”?

Who Else Wants To Become a “Success Story”?

Who Else Wants To Become a “Success Story”?


Graduation Ceremony for Two NLP Master Trainers

This particular experience is one that has been more or less a major interest of mine – not the graduation itself, but the process of getting there. Having gone through the process myself years ago, and having memories of working hard, pushing through barriers, obstacles, limiting beliefs about myself and others, about what’s possible and what’s not….it is indeed captivating to see how someone else approaches the same process.

Ewan Mochrie and Gina-Mollicone –Long have successfully completed their 5 year NLP Master Trainer Program. They are both knowledgeable and capable, intelligent and reliable, honest and truthful and they had these qualities from the moment we met them for the first time in their NLP Practitioner Training. But so do most all of our students.

What made these two people into “Success Stories”?

I have a feeling that the difference between the people who successfully complete this program and become “success stories” and others who don’t is actually very simple. They have followed the plan given to them, and they did not try to reinvent the wheel. They have actually done what they were told to do, and modeled excellence becoming themselves excellent in the process. The whole plan of this developmental program (which is the Master Trainer program) is designed to lead every intelligent, hardworking NLP Trainer to becoming a NLP Master Trainer.  And a good businessman/woman. And a prosperous owner of his/her own training company and business. And an expert in the field. And a self-confident proficient authority in the field of NLP.

This is how modeling is being done. Actually in the process of modeling you do exactly what the expert does and only after you achieve the same results, you begin to change bits and pieces. If you sit there thinking that these two people had preferential treatment in their background, family support, economic conditions, what have you, you’re greatly mistaken.

The wrong approach would have it that you model some bits or parts which are convenient and easy to model and cut out the parts that require more effort hoping that you will get the same results. Unfortunately it does not work this way

Ewan Mochrie and Gina Mollicone-Long were not “made” into Master Trainers. They are at that level. They brought themselves there. Years of training, seeing groups of people face-to-face, dealing with real questions about personal problems coming from students, facing challenges and resolving them successfully made them into Master Trainers. They OWN this title – it was not given to them!

And here is where the whole matter rests.  These two Master Trainers have one major quality that makes the difference between success and ….. They have followed the instructions from the Master Trainer Program and the development plan of their business precisely. They have been willing to go through the process of growth required for them to be successful in their own NLP training companies. This is a rare quality. You may have seen our previous interview with them. If not please go here.

Here is a small video from the graduation ceremony for the NLP Master Trainers Ewan Mochrie, and Gina Mollicone-Long, (seen here from left to right in the order: Tad James, Adriana James, Ewan Mochrie, Gina Mollicone-Long, Stephan Schafeitel, and Shalee Shafheitel).


Gina told Tad and Adriana and the class of new NLP trainers in Las Vegas, Nevada, a very inspiring story. Coming from “The Star Thrower” (or “starfish story”) originally is part of a 16-page essay of the same name by Loren Eiseley (1907–1977), published in 1969 in The Unexpected Universe.

“An old man had a habit of early morning walks on the beach. One day, after a storm, he saw a human figure in the distance moving like a dancer. As he came closer he saw that it was a young woman and she was not dancing but was reaching down to the sand, picking up starfish and very gently throwing them in the ocean.

“Young lady” he asked, “why are you throwing star fish into the ocean?”

”The Sun is up, and the tide is going out, and if I do not throw them in they will die.”

“But young lady, do you not realize that there are miles and miles of beach and starfish all along it? You cannot possibly make a difference.”

The young woman listened politely, paused and then bent down, picked another starfish and threw it in the sea, past the breaking waves, saying, “it made a difference to that one!”

“The old man looked at the young woman inquisitively and thought about what she had done. Inspired, he joined her in throwing starfish back into the sea. Soon, others joined, and all the starfish were saved.”

“I would like to believe that here at The Tad James Co., together with you, our present students and past graduates… we all are making a difference on the planet.”

This is what made these two people into NLP Master Trainer Success Stories.



Adriana James

About the Author: Adriana James

NLP Master Trainer, Hypnosis Master Trainer and NLPCoaching Master Trainer. She is the author of the book Values And the Evolution of Consciousness - a book about how to take advantage of the massive changes which the world is going through and  Time Line Therapy® Made Easy - an introduction to Time Line Therapy® techniques easy to master by everyone. To read more about Adriana go here.

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