Tad James Co. Australia | What We Do

Tad James Co. Australia | What We Do

At the Tad James Co. Australia we believe that we can assist people to empower themselves by learning the right skills and techniques of the mind, while ensuing that they follow through and achieve the goals for which they take the training, and beyond. The Tad James Co. has been in the training and coaching business since 1982, and the number of successful graduates utilizing these skills in their corporate or private business, in relationships, health and fitness stretches across the globe.

The motivation behind what we do is to affect a positive change by teaching 4 modalities: NLP, Time Line Therapy®, NLP Coaching (the application of NLP in corporate and business world) and Hypnosis (mainly for relaxation and reliving stress) and to assist our graduates further, after the completion of the training in making a positive impact in other people’s lives. “Transform the Planet” is one of our core values, and this helps guide our decisions, actions and behaviors and collective aspiration. Our successful graduates help us to be recognized as a great company. Come and join us and discover for yourself.

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