What Is It Like To Be an NLP Practitioner

What Is It Like To Be an NLP Practitioner

What Is It Like To Be an NLP Practitioner

What is like to be an NLP Practitioner? What would life be like? Short answer – very different!

But then you might ask: different how?

Well, you could say that it is possible for you to master the art of success and realization. You could be in charge of your own life by taking responsibility and be in charge and totally capable of your own achievements. You could be thinking differently from all the rest of society. And if that scares you because you don’t want to be different, consider the benefits. Consider that most people have a lot of trouble in their daily lives, trouble that they don’t know how to solve on their own. They reach out for help from institutions and organizations that, more often than not, let them down. Don’t misunderstand me, I am not talking about the person you talked to at the welfare center when you lost your job, or the support group members themselves. These people are warm hearted and most willing to help – I am talking about the institutions themselves who have their own problems to begin with, one of which being lack of finances.

Well, you could be different in as much as that you will not have the same problems.

But here is something interesting. If you go to Wikipedia and search for the term NLP, what you get is a bunch of “debunking” chattering combined with veiled (and no so veiled) ad hominem attacks toward at least one of the creators of NLP namely Richard Bandler.

On the other hand, once you master the tools and techniques present in NLP and in NLP Coaching, for instance how to:

  • improve communication such that it always gives you the results you aim for,
  • use words differently with different people so you can have a positive impact on people,
  • observe other people in ways that could tell you instantly whether they are truthful or lying,
  • build rapport with anyone you choose and sell yourself to your boss for a good promotion or sell your products in a more satisfactory way to your customers,
  • notice eye movements and tailor your words according to what the other person is doing inside their mind thus avoiding miscommunication,
  • get rid of old anchors (those things that push your buttons every time) and improve your relationships,
  • assist better learning and retention in school for your children,
  • put an end to inner conflicts that lead to indecision,
  • get motivated, and many, many more,

you realize that NLP is extremely useful.

One of the things I observed after my NLP Training was that NLP is used everywhere in industries all across the board, by corporations in their PR and slogans, in political campaigns, in economics and finances, social sciences and even as a tool for social engineering.

Once you open your mind to the art of language contained in the NLP linguistics section, you will immediately see that enough of the methods employed by the mass media, politics, economics, and even many of the social sciences use a lot of NLP techniques – especially the language patterns which is a massive social engineering exercise. This is a real eye opening moment, because once you know it, you could free yourself from being under their control.

But you might say, if NLP is so great then why is it taught so differently?

NLP is an art and a science. If it was a hard science like math or physics it would be taught the same way, however as an art NLP is taught differently. At the Tad James Co. we teach 4 different modalities inside an NLP Coaching training. We teach NLP together with Time Line Therapy®, NLP Coaching and Hypnosis. The advantage is that these four modalities apply equally for mind, body and spirit. You’ll find the techniques and tools applicable in business for management, sales, communication, and coaching. Of course you can use these techniques together with your own if you are already a counsellor or a therapist. The collection of techniques you learn are simple enough to learn easily but at the same time produce tangible results. Our purpose is to make them available to you to improve your career, health, relationships, income and ultimately change your life for the better.

Here is where you can find the schedule of events in case you’re interested. Personally I am looking forward to meet you in one of our future trainings and share with you the art and knowledge of success.

Be well.

Adriana James

About the Author: Adriana James

NLP Master Trainer, Hypnosis Master Trainer and NLPCoaching Master Trainer. She is the author of the book Values And the Evolution of Consciousness - a book about how to take advantage of the massive changes which the world is going through and  Time Line Therapy® Made Easy - an introduction to Time Line Therapy® techniques easy to master by everyone. To read more about Adriana go here.


  1. Sophie Hills

    I used to feel dissatisfaction in so many areas of my life, and now NLP has provided me with the tools to be able to move past the old behaviours and attitudes that did not serve me or my family so well.
    I am now able to achieve outstanding results in all areas of my life and I know that I can do, be and have whatever I want!!
    Life is wonderful!!!!

  2. Lauren

    The quality in these trainings are so profound, in such a way I find myself continually learning and growing by using the techniques every day applying to my life, its amazing! Im empowered and focused and im excited to point out that I take full responsibility for my changes! I am enthusiastically encouraging those interested to learn and apply these techniques, you too can have these techniques in your tool bag for life and transform yourself!

  3. Is a pleasure to know that a decision that it was made in 2006 to do NLP practitioner had such impact in my life,family and career.My Son and Daughter were in High school at the time, time has gone by and life has never been the same ,we have grown and today i had one of the most inspiring and rewarding news,my son today 23 years old decider and committed like i did in 2006 to do NLP practitioner in October, so i said do you want to be good or great at what you do? he said :I want to be great, then you got to be train by Tad James Company.So Tad and Adriana James Company and staff Thank You I know it will change his life, as it has change mine !

    Master Practitioner
    Mirta Rodriguez

    • Brett Ellis
      Brett Ellis

      Hi Mirta! That’s great news about your sons decision to follow what you’ve demonstrated right in front of him! That’s a great key to sharing the empowerment of success!!!

      When we quietly demonstrate what we can do for ourselves with these most empowering techniques it’s like the old saying goes – Hmmm what is that? I want that as well! Where did that come from?

      What a wonderful gift you’ve been able to share with your family! I bet it makes you smile!!

      You have all my respect! 🙂

  4. Brett Ellis
    Brett Ellis

    Get question! What is it like to an NLP Practitioner?

    Well, for me, it was kind of like this – I thought I was a just a good person that did bad things sometimes but, after my first certification training I begun to understand a bit more about me. So, then it hurt a bit, for a moment until I realized it was time to accept I was something more than all that and it was okay to express how I felt.

    Then I felt guilty about my past behaviors until I found I could not only forgive myself but, I could now fit in with life’s rules. I had never before filled that hole inside me until then and after that I realized I didn’t need that anymore so I kind of let go for the first time and went with it all.

    This really gave me the control I was looking for to take charge of my life and I developed a plan just for me. For the first time in my life I could trust myself like never before, it was very peaceful! I had made the sacrifice I needed to make and then begun the real work of giving up my old job.

    This was the new drive and commitment to propel me into being a professional NLP Practitioner and I found that I gained new friends socially and they expected so much more of me than I wanted to give, I was shocked! People begun to follow me like fish on a line and here I spent a lot of time with others working as an NLP Practitioner.

    This scared me a little but, I had heaps of ideas and people wanted me to share them with them and so I did. This was my true power and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share all of that until I found there was nothing outside sharing it and I felt hemmed in somewhat. Then it was too late because I saw all the resources in everyone and that was all I could see for some time no matter where I looked.

    I felt sad about that until I realized I had found what I was seeking all this time and something shifted deep inside me, forever!! It clicked and locked in at the deepest levels, I had found a oneness with which I could live with forever. Now, I’m an NLP trainer and practitioner and living my dream realistically! Wow – astonishing if I may say so!!

    Thanks You to The Tad James Company and all the staff 🙂

  5. Dwayne Mercorella

    I personally feel that NLP was just a name given to describe this what apears to be a truely magical and most honest understanding of how the wonderful creature called the human being and all its parts, mind, body and spirit come together to experience and creat the world around them. from my understandng, if i pull apart Neuro Liguistic Programing and Time Line TherapyR it is the most accurate model of how a human works and so with that understanding what ever doesnt seem to be functioning towards its highest intention can be EASILY changed in order to accomodate growth and evolution. Once we embody that growth is possible, then being an NLP Practitioner becomes the most exiting and enjoyable journey through life. Call it NLP, call it what ever. The truth is, it is so much more than that its about learning to know yourself inside and out. So a massive thanks to the Tad James Co and all the staff huge, huge love 😉 its chnaged my life in way that i could not have emagined before 🙂

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