To All of You Transforming the Planet

To All of You Transforming the Planet

To All of You Transforming the Planet

To all of you in the NLP field who are part of Transforming The Planet.

The set of tools you learn and master during our NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Trainings are designed to give you new ways of thinking around any of the life problems that you may encounter. You may have had a great business and career so far, but is it too late to learn something new and so cutting edge that can enhance any skills you may already have? Is it too late to learn something new that can improve the areas in which you feel you lack abilities to solve life problems that we all encounter in our daily routine, be it with kids, or relationships? NEVER TOO LATE!

See below what one of our NLP Trainer’s Training graduates has to say about her experience and the results she achieved with what she learned.

First, may I say how very much I enjoyed the Trainer’s Training. Amazing, simply amazing.

My background in business was pretty extensive and prior to starting my coaching business I was the General Manager of JFK Airport for JetBlue at Terminal 6 in New York, overseeing a large staff and approximately 1,800 flight attendants. Needless to say, I got burnt out and it was no longer my passion. During that time I became a Master Yoga Teacher (more for myself to get out of anxiety, frustration, sadness, etc.). It took approximately two years to resign as I was considered a high performing leader and they did not want me to resign. My passion pulled me elsewhere so eventually I did resign, taught yoga and studied more in-depth the ancient wisdom and teachings.

From there, I was certified as a spiritual coach, a life coach, training under Jack Canfield for success principles training for the general public and business, Janet Bray Attwood (The Secret) for business coaching and personal coaching and many many other certifications from various companies. I was still searching for something that was complete. Jack Canfield recommended NLP training to everyone and truthfully, I did not want to attend. I was over trainings. Enough. However, I had paid for my Prac in Vegas and decided to go anyway. Not sure what to expect and not sure if this would change my coaching business outcome, I was doing well, had clients, able to make a living, but not charging what I felt was I was worth, etc., and I was not always confident.

Well, three months, only three months of leaving Prac in Vegas, my business quadrupled and my income doubled. I put into action the tools I had learned and was a little surprised that it came true and said there is something to this. I attended Master Prac immediately after and gained two excellent corporate clients where my prices quadrupled and my private clients still grew. Literally within less than 9 months my calendar was booked and my bank account showed the results.

Now I have finished Trainer’s Training – I am already booked through the rest of the year. I have two retreats planned for 2018 and both are sold out. I am ready to hire an assistant.

I cannot believe, but then again I can, how much NLP in less than a year (ten months) has grown my business financially and with paying clientele who achieve the results they want. Incredible!

Thank you, thank you. I have absorbed the learnings and will continue to do so. I listen to the tapes every day on my walks on the beach in Florida.

Guest Author: Debra Heslin

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