The Dark Ages of Values Level 5

The Dark Ages of Values Level 5

The Dark Ages of Values Level 5

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That in the last 20 years the world has taken a turn toward a completely new society never experienced in the last 6000 years is not open for debate anymore. Anyone with three brain cells left can see that.

However, how many of you understand what is actually happening?

If you have followed the series of articles I wrote about the 8 different ways of thinking in the world today called the Values Levels, and which I am not going to repeat here, you would know that the world operates massively inside Values Level 5 for the big (and small) corporations, Values Levels 2-3 and 4 for the majority of the world population and Values Level 6-7 for the fringe sciences and scientists preoccupied with space developments and the bigger picture of the planet itself. But these developments are not readily available unless you work for Lockheed Martin, GE, Raytheon and the like in which case you will not admit to know anything anyway. But if you are a person curious by nature, to find any tidbits of information, you need to do a good research and most importantly start studying intensely to even begin to grasp what they are really talking about.

However, as each values level comes with conscious and unconscious aspects, there is a distinct possibility that humanity will follow the same pattern as it did for Values Level 4. Once Values Level 4 came about, it took a little while, but eventually it became extremely domineering and overly controlling of most of human kind but for a thin aristocratic class (the 0.1%) who owned everything and, of course, the famous or infamous depending on the belief, Middle Ages Roman Church with its Holy Inquisition. Values Level 4 has reached a culmination point. This point was marked by its most awful expression of tyranny and absolute power over the population that it managed to regress the whole world into what today we call the Dark Ages.

The Dark Ages were marked by a population who was not allowed private ownership, that physically belonged to the landlords, were used as collateral in trade and wars, were stuck to a certain place and needed permission to marry (like a marriage ‘certificate’ only much harder to obtain), that could not travel freely anywhere without special permission from the aristocratic landlord (like an Middle Ages ‘passport’ and ‘driver’s license’ for the carriage); there was no free speech because nobody was able to think about speaking logically, and the grievances were all gravitating around not enough food and too much war. You see, the old princes and kings liked to have a go at each other for new territories and land resources.

People were not able to read as they were not educated, and critical thinking was non-existent. Were those people stupider than we are? Absolutely not. They were as they were – human beings with all the potential innate to a human being. However, they were purposefully not allowed a true education; in fact they were not allowed to learn how to read at all for a good few hundred years, and in general, were reduced to little more than animals. The movie “The Name Of The Rose” with Sean Connery is a good example of those times.

The whole Greek and Roman high civilizations perished, and the technological achievements were gone. Even something as simple as good quality water (the Roman aqueduct) was gone as the populations lived in sordid conditions of filth and squalor. The human being was reduced to a retched body and a soul that needed salvation, if one contributed enough, of course.

With the inception of Values Level 5 in the Enlightenment period, the attention of the collective consciousness of the inhabitants of planet earth was drawn toward the physical world, which was a necessary step. However, the human being was further reduced from a physical body and a soul, to a physical body alone. Now science does not admit that you have a soul or that consciousness exists. In fact, the true VL 5 thinker would laugh you out of the house if you mention soul or consciousness, and I am sure you know at least one person that behaves like they really don’t have one.
But if science does not turn again its attention toward the unseen phenomena, toward studying consciousness but this time with reason and logic rather than blind belief and emotional knee-jerk reflex, it will make the same mistake and humanity will go backwards in the new Dark Age of VL 5. Just between us, certain branches of governments of the world, do apportion huge amounts of money (usually through the black budgets) to the study of consciousness based on all the scientific advances humanity has made so far. That makes sense as VL 5 wants to control everything including consciousness. Good luck with that!

However, the danger is that Values Level 5 can make the same mistake as its predecessor. In its haste to reduce humanity to biological machines status, it can plunge humanity in the new Dark Ages of VL5, plastered with technological ‘marvels’ and robotics, self-driving cars, a holographic environment, and superhuman-nano-filled-and-DNA-enhanced beings capable of ESP and immortality (but only for those with lots of money to purchase the goods).

Already people don’t like to think and are not encouraged to think. I am making a grand generalization, but to ask most people around to actually logically think is akin to asking them to pull a tooth out with their fingers. For the convenience of pushing a button, they plunge their minds in a complete state of amnesia colored with drunken moments of dopamine-induced highs on social media. Wonder why people already line up to be injected with the microchip which will think for them?

How to prevent the new Dark Ages of Values Level 5 from happening? Oh, it’s simple! Familiarize yourself with real science – and learn again how to think. Rediscover your values as a human being as you are, and rediscover the freedom of your own mind and the freedom of choice. The new technology is wonderful when it is used wisely. But many people are fascinated by it as they are by “magical” things (see the Harry Potter phenomena). As fun as it may have been, Harry Potter does not help to study in depth spiritual realms based on true science. It is escapism. It is irrational spirituality. To think that you can actually rationally and logically peek into the unseen by discipline of mind and emotions is left aside. Everybody wants fast, convenient and easy everything. Critical thinking is pushed away. Reacting emotionally and irrationally is praised. Individuality is mistakenly thought of as selfishness and egocentricity but never integrated into “me AND the others” for the benefit of myself and everyone else. The thinking of “me OR the other” has never been bypassed for most people still stationed in VL 2, 3 and 4.

Self-development on all levels, spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical, one person at the time, can and will tip the balance over. By letting go of Negative Emotions as in Time Line Therapy® and learning how to use ones’ mind helps with the emotional and then with the mental clarity and discernment. True freedom, personal development and true spiritual pursuits are not achieved in any other way.

But that requires something nobody wants to face. Self-responsibility! There is reluctance to become free individuals and most people avoid it like the plagues of the Dark Ages. The will to be free is not so wide spread. Freedom is not a rebellion, but taking responsibility and growing into maturity. It is time for humanity to leave behind childhood and become adult. Hopefully that will one day lead us all to true wisdom.

Be well.


  1. Ben Huggins

    Thank you Adrianna

  2. I found your article Refreshing enlightening and eye-opening. Thank you!

  3. Ah! And what is driving the humanity and directing it? That people have developed these levels simultaneously in different parts of the globe, independently almost without any knowledge of one another, is mysterious and stimulates the imagination. VL5 is no isolated new structure but within it are the heroes and villains of VL0-4. Yes VL0. A core transformed level that pervades the human motivation and direction. Nah. I just made that up. But hey, it sounded good when I thought it to myself aloud. It’s really aliens that are directing us all along. From other planets and dimensions.

  4. Tom

    Hi Adriana,
    Thank you for yet another valuable VL article. From my standpoint, the dark ages of VL5 are already happening. As we know “reality” depends on observation point. The one thing that jerked me out from your narrative was “quality of water” from the Roman era. I am sure you know that Romans used lead to seal aqueducts, production of cups and “bottles” etc. and that lead poisoning in the Roman empire was higher than in the most industrial places of 70-ties in XX century. After all interesting piece of writing. Thanks, Tom

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