Thank You NLP for Teaching Us Not to make THIS Mistake

Thank You NLP for Teaching Us Not to make THIS Mistake

Thank You NLP for Teaching Us Not to make THIS Mistake

This will be a very brief blog. The picture below – although cropped to bare essentials – was taken recently by a traveler in one of our airports.


One Goal





For those of you trained in NLP this will be glaringly obvious, but for those of you who don’t understand what’s wrong with this picture here it is in a nutshell: your Unconscious Mind does not process negatives in consciousness. If I were to tell you “do not think of a blue tree” first you would immediately think of a blue tree and maybe after that you could negate the blue tree picture and think of something else instead.

I am sure that the intention of this poster is exactly the opposite: the eradication of cancer and the finding of a cure. Nevertheless at unconscious level you accept suggestions whether they are positively formulated or whether they contain negations.

In the picture below the text says: One goal: cancer. There isn’t even a negation.

But you may say, the word cancer is crossed with a red line and I will tell you that it makes no difference at all. The suggestion you’re receiving (unless you can negate it immediately in your mind by thinking of perfect health with the pictures and sounds and feelings associated to it) is negative. Now imagine how many travelers see this big billboard. I wonder what the effects are for some of them?

Now for you the reader of this article please make a picture of your body perfectly healthy, physically, mentally and emotionally. Add to that picture the sounds of pleasant voices around you or the sound of your own voice saying the words “you’re totally healthy”, and also the feeling of how good it is to be completely and happily healthy.

Be careful with your words – it makes a colossal difference.


Until next time, be well.

Adriana James

About the Author: Adriana James

NLP Master Trainer, Hypnosis Master Trainer and NLPCoaching Master Trainer. She is the author of the book Values And the Evolution of Consciousness - a book about how to take advantage of the massive changes which the world is going through and  Time Line Therapy® Made Easy - an introduction to Time Line Therapy® techniques easy to master by everyone. To read more about Adriana go here.


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    Thank you for writing this article I saw this in my travels and immediately thought of my good health.
    I am grateful that I have the ability to think critically about the myriad of “good intentioned” advertising that my unconscious mind is exposed to daily.

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    Hey thanks Adriana,
    Had a casual conversation with my daughter around the massive marketing for cancer-research charities; how would it look if we all celebrated how well we were instead of celebrating the phenomena of illness?
    (note – I am still working on how to convey this idea less tritely, having never had the trauma of cancer myself)

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    Excellent Disclosure and excellent advice!

    Paying attention to our peripheral vision and noticing a lot of these types of suggestion is a must to our survival. I believe the suggestions such as the picture in this article, are for the benefit of a healthy population on our planet today and into the future.

    So many people mean well in providing others with well-informed data, especially now days with all the heavy metals and chemicals around. So we have a responsible part to play in our lives and the lives of our loved ones, don’t we!

    We can convert the negatives into positives consciously, that’s a conscious mind function that we have to do to survive and it’s easy to do! So – If we reject the negative, what will we do instead? Positive and active imagination can construct an actively positive NOW and future that we MUST act upon.

    Could people use such negatively stated suggestions to positively convert their lives? YES WE CAN! Negative suggestion CAN be used a reminder to consciously suggest to self the opposite and positive lives they want and have!

    I’m happy to remind myself and others that negative suggestions can produce a positive outcome when consciously choosing to make concerted efforts to process surroundings and take charge of living a happy healthy life, all the way to it’s completion!

    Great article – there’s always a place for more attention in our worlds and our minds! Its a great contribution to living. 🙂

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    I AGREE! Being careful with my words does make a massive difference.

    If others suggestions can affect other people’s lives, I wonder instead, how well people could do by choosing to give YOURSELF the suggestion of POSITIVE intent and state it how YOU want it and CREATE that for YOURSELF Is easy!

    It’s an attitude of empowerment!

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    Stephan Schafeitel

    Great point, Adriana! One of the most (if not THE most) important concepts for everyone to always remember is to FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT! Though a simple one…a very important one.

    Would have been impressive if the sign said…

    One goal: Perfect Health

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    Dwayne Mercorella

    This is such a big point Adriana. We see this all of the time in our lives and for most people (unconsciously) especially in our media. One recent event was with the sydney siege, i lost count the amount of time i heard Tony Abbot say (This was not a TERRORIST attack) haha. Even more beside myself as to how many of the people in my life who are untrained quite frankly believe it was a terrorist attack, wheather it was or not is out of tthe equasion. Its easy to see how these techniques play a huge part in social engineering. we need to continue to pay attention and think critically about everything we hear,see and experience and make our own consious choice.

    Thanks Adriana awesome

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    Sophie Hills

    I have been working in the Health field for many years, and constantly see messaging and pictures that have negative impacts on health through the power of suggestion.

    Many of the suggestions hold end result imagery, and for those people that are untrained and are unaware that the unconscious mind does not process negatives, take this messaging on to be the truth.

    I am constantly pointing this out to people and that if they do focus on themselves as being healthy, then that is what they will create!!!

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    Katt Tiley

    WOW – Powerful!

    I am nearly at a loss for words on this one! I currently, not for long, work in the medical field, the things I hear when I have interactions with some of the patients…. Example: Someone is admitted for a problem, they find cancer, and the patient tells me that their sibling has had such a hard life with all the illnesses, and how now it is their turn. My inner response? “When did you decide that???” Of course, I cannot *say* this… Breaks my heart!

    I am attending the Master Prac class, and I cannot TELL YOU how COMPLETELY GRATEFUL I am that I will be learning about Meta Health!!! All this dis-ease, and for what? So unnecessary!

    Thank you! Love and light to all ~

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