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NLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James CoNLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James CoNLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James Co Contest 2015 – Sylvana Kozak – how to make your life extraordinary. You’re welcome!

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What is it that you want the most in your life at the moment?
Happiness, perfect health, love, success, joy, incredible career, amazing relationship, financial freedom, beautiful house, prosperity, wealth?

The list can be endless, and it’s all great, but have you every wondered WHY?

Is it because of your rich neighbour, or that girl who bullied you at school, or the happy couple that you see on social media travelling the world? Or maybe, because you want to be financially free, you want to share your knowledge with others, or because you deeply believe you are destined for great things…

I know you can see what I’m getting at, right?

If you start living your own life, making your own decisions, being fully aware and taking conscious actions every single day instead of following the crowd, you will be amazed at how quickly your life can transform. Sounds too good to be true? It probably does, but it sure is achievable! Let me explain how…

The painful and healing truth:

For the longest time I didn’t feel alive.

Yes, I admit that.

Currently, I’m in a transition to finally breath my own air instead of being completely influenced by everyone and everything around me, that I assumed was better, more successful, powerful and extraordinary. Don’t get me wrong, it’s perfectly ok to be inspired by the people and places around you, as long as it doesn’t consume you in the process. Remember, it’s your own life you’re living…
This has led me to the very powerful realization which I would like to share with you today.

And please don’t buy into everything I’m saying here… As a matter of fact, don’t believe me at all! Just go out there and try it yourself!

I would like to shake the perception of your world and challenge you to start asking yourself different questions, which will produce way better answers. What’s the purpose of that?

It is for you to finally become in charge of your own life so that you can live it, enjoy it, change it, achieve it, challenge it, progress in it, and be in it… just the way YOU, and only YOU want it.

Let’s start from the very beginning: How much of a pure you is within you at the moment and which decisions that you make every day are actually yours?

If you were to confess right now, what percentage of your day do you spend on running on autopilot, doing things you’re not even aware of doing? And do you ever wonder how many of those actions you perform, simply because you have to, or because you’re used to them. I mean, waking up at the same time every day, looking at your emails and Facebook straight after you opened your eyes, eating the same breakfast or not having any at all, stopping by Starbucks to get your favorite coffee, reading the daily newspaper, saying the same things to your colleagues without meaning anything of it, ordering the same lunch, watching few hours of tv after a hectic day at work, stressing out about the things which were always challenging… Sounds familiar? I bet!

And how much time do you dedicate thinking about your current goals, desires, and dreams? Are you sure they are even yours in the first place?

If you actually stop right here, take four very deep breaths, get rid of your self-talk and simply become open to what I am sharing here with you, you might discover something extremely meaningful and powerful today.

I’m not going to sell you anything or try to convince you to my way of thinking and living life. The reason I’m sharing all this with you is to introduce you to an amazing and powerful world of NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching, which helped myself and many others to overcome their internal and external limitations.

I would like to give you this opportunity of coming back to being the best version of yourself – to give you back your own eyes so that you can finally have your own view of life, to give you back your own ears so you can hear all the things that you want to hear, to make you aware of your own feelings so you can feel exactly the way that you always desired to feel and to give you back the thoughts which will allow you to create and live your life just the way you want it. My objective here is to show you that your mind is the most valuable asset you have, as long as you use it and take care of it.

How and where to start from? Don’t worry, I had no clue either, until I was introduced to, Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching.

Instead of going into definitions and the theory, the best way for you to understand what I mean is by looking at the experiences of others – people of different age, background, whose lives have dramatically changed because they’ve applied the wisdom of these modern techniques:

Lori and her 10 year old son Tom:

“My relationship with Tom was challenging. He was getting into a habit of lying about his schoolwork. He had a mental attitude of entitlement which meant that he was generally disagreeable.”


Personal life: the conflict ended and Lori and her husband got their son back!

Education: “Tom started asking for help from his teachers and coaches. His grades improved. His performance on the cricket pitch improved considerably, especially his bowling. His coach remarked at what an asset to the team he was!”

Favorite tool: “Tom liked the Time Line Therapy® technique of placing himself in the situation and visualizing how it would go. This helped enormously with his cricket. I saw the biggest shift when you challenged him to ask each of his coaches and teachers for feedback. I think he was surprised by how willing they were to help, and they gave him some great input. I feel that NLP, Time Line Therapy® and NLP Coaching really helped Tom to work with someone other than me. It’s often the nature of parent/child relationships that the child will listen to someone else over a parent, even though the same thing is being said! Understanding where the limiting beliefs lie, and putting forward a challenge to move out of the comfort zone creates quantum leaps in performance, confidence and accomplishment. Tom still uses the Time Line Therapy® technique to help with his sport, and it works!”

Kevin Porter, Royal Naval Veteran, now coaching business and individuals. 52 years old:

Kevin was a veteran suffering from PTSD and drinking heavily.

He was first introduced to NLP through a programme called PADLE – Positive and Directional Language Excellence by Dr Kate Beaven – Marks and then met his coach in the Falkland Islands – a fellow Falklands War Veteran – who opened his eyes to NLP.

Results: “I have stopped drinking alcohol completely. I am more in control of my anxieties, I am calmer, focused and fired up to drive my business and new life forward. My family are much happier with my relaxed and calm state, though it has taken them some getting used to! Professionally, I have a clear focus on my future and use NLP in my coaching practice. I will be moving more towards Therapeutic Coaching in the future and NLP Trainer.” 

Kevin used an NLP technique called Sub Modality Change to eliminate
alcohol completely. He gained his confidence back by getting rid of his limiting beliefs and by using anchoring, which gives him a boost when he needs it most!

Favourite tools: Positive language patterns which are building a stronger belief in himself. He says: “NLP has been a life changer for me. It is taking me to new pastures and down avenues I would not have travelled. It is a tool for good!”

Jaclyn Meier, Kinesiologist and Personal Empowerment Coach, Australia

“Knowing that all learning, behaviour and change is unconscious gave me a rest from myself and the seemingly eternal battle that I had from the programs that were established in my imprint years.  Now, utilizing tools which actually work with the plasticity of the brains amazing ability to change in an instant, I have so much more time to enjoy the present moment and see many more miracles in life.”

Favourite tools: “The conversational techniques that help understand how a person works on the inside, a combination of all the sensory acuity tools to know how best to communicate a message in the other persons language, parts integration – really allows a person to address the things at the edge of existence and beyond.”

The amount of information and resources out there about how to create your perfect life, achieve perfect figure, become financially independent, become happy and successful is limitless, there is only one, major thing missing. Very few of them (if any) tell you actually how to get where you want to be. What is so powerful and unique about NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnotherapy and NLP Coaching techniques, is that they not only help you to solve the problem, you can use them over and over again in any area of your life and if you find it as amazing and life changing as myself and many others did, you might decide to learn it so you can help others in transforming their lives!

Author: Sylvana Kozak

Certified International Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy®, Trainer of Hypnosis, Master Practitioner of NLPCoaching and Performance Coach

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