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NLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James CoNLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James CoNLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James Co

What Is NLP Not Saying About Making Your NLP Business into A Success -Part 1

One factor determining your success in NLP training or NLP coaching business relies on your ability to convince people of the utility of your NLP. When Tad and I were researching and talking about what should be a part of the Marketing NLP Training, we began almost at a loss on how to compound all the massive amount of information necessary for the training. The technological developments in the world and the gap in certain areas of focus of interest for many of our NLP graduates seemed to be overtaking the need to offer this training. Many people get into NLP either to improve their performance, to correct low performance, or to maintain high performance. Or they get into NLP for personal reasons – personal development, relationship problems, education issues with their children…

Nevertheless, once in the possession of these wonderful and life changing skills, they soon discover they have a problem: no clients or students for their trainings.

So, apart from the PR and marketing techniques the big companies don’t want you to know (all based on the linguistic patterns learned in the NLP trainings) as well as buying views for your videos to go viral, here are some tips you may find useful.

One of the conclusions we came to very early, however, was that any form of promotion of your business, such as internet search engines optimization, advertising, social media, direct mail, press releases, etc., were a form of marketing thinking in general and all were geared toward competing for a place in the mind of the consumer. The technological advances, and the leap into values level 5 have major implications for society, particularly if the bulk of society is still stationed somewhere between values level 2 and 4. (for details about the values levels see my article Life Is About Living Not About Worrying – Or What Does Personal Power from NLP Really Mean)

In the last decade the media has made an enormous effort to increase the volume of communication to the consumer. (That’s you!). The consumers are bombarded from everywhere with commercials in print as well as on television. The average American sees over 3,000 advertising messages a day.

This tells us something very important: to be successful in business you need to make yourself known to your potential clients. In other words you need to communicate your message in such a way that it persuades potential customers to purchase your services. So it’s not only about communicating the message. The consumer is already hardwired and “trained” by the best of the best in PR industry. They watch television, they see billboards, they look through newspapers and magazines. The media is charged with the best advertising in the world designed specifically to produce the most results. In English, “designed to produce the most results” would mean the internal representations (IR) of the people are manipulated brilliantly toward the results desired by the marketers.

Of course you need to be careful when you begin marketing yourself, because the amount of unsolicited advertising emails, text messages and other forms of spam have become a major nuisance to users of these services.

We will have to start from the beginning with the ABC definitions. But this will have to wait until the next article

Until then, be well