How NLP Changed My Life – Part 2 by Linda McCall

How NLP Changed My Life – Part 2 by Linda McCall

How NLP Changed My Life – Part 2 by Linda McCall
Linda McCall By Linda McCall – Guest writer

The sketching I did unconsciously during the NLP Practitioner training while as I was listening to understand all these new tools…  I drew a picture of me in front of a small aircraft and I drew the exact aircraft I did my training on and at that stage it was such a far-fetched dream to learn to fly it was not even in my thoughts. It was just a dream, as I was too old and in my 40s to do anything with it, so out of my reach I wasn’t even considering it as I knew it was expensive and just seemed too hard.

Now after 18 months of hard work I have my own thriving business, I work my own hours I fly my little plan over to the Stradbroke Island and train people and see clients and recently flew myself into my yoga retreat.

Who does that? Me! Life is more than I ever expected and it doesn’t come in the package you expect but I took a risk knowing that I would succeed because I had planted the seed.

Last year I did my NLP Master Prac training in America and fulfilled another dream as I always said I would do the Master Practitioner in Vegas with Tad and Adriana James and I just happen to have a motor bike in America after my last trip to North America with my partner Mark.  So I took the opportunity to ride it from California to Nevada across the Mojave Desert but I was able to ride my bike across America from West to east to New York, that is another dream that NLP helped me achieve and the list goes on.

I am so convinced this stuff really works. And strangely enough I am currently rolling out a new program for airline crew, who may be looking to transition out of the Airline Industry and create something new and unique for themselves as the airline industry is in rapid change employees are feeling the need to make new plans.

This year will be another big year of training and adventures.  I am travelling to the USA again to train with the Tad James Company to do my Trainers Training, and I have made and amazing network of like- minded friends over in the United State, people who are of the same mind set.  This year I plan to ride my Motorbike from Nova Scotia to Alaska, something I will do for fun.  So anything is possible! Jump on it and go for the ride of your life with NLP and if you haven’t already done so, do it now.

NLP helps you with so many aspects of life and you are able to go leaps and bounds.  When I left Qantas, I had another NLP practitioner take me through the program so I could focus on getting out of the old mind set in transition into a new one with ease and grace, as it was very overwhelming.  I had no idea where to start I needed to just let go and allow. Even though I had done the training I needed to allow someone to guide me through the process, and in doing so I gained direction and focus and everything fell into place nicely.

I ended up doing the Master Prac training last year and well that’s another story which I may share with you at a later date. Now my business just took flight even more.  It’s very exciting!

I would like to add that I have not spoken to the people at the Tad James Co. about my new program – the one I am rolling out to help other crew transition just yet… But I will be assisting at the March 2014 training so I might see you there?

If you have any further questions I would love to chat so feel free to call me and I will be very happy to assist you and connect with you more on your journey with yoga any questions, happy flying and stay bendy! You can talk to me in the Leave a Reply section below or via Tad James Co Facebook.

Hope to meet you all soon.

Breathe, Laugh, Adventure, Health!


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