NLP and Time Line Therapy® – How To Use Them For a DIS-EASE Free AGING

NLP and Time Line Therapy® – How To Use Them For a DIS-EASE Free AGING

NLP and Time Line Therapy® – How To Use Them For a DIS-EASE Free AGING




BY  LJ Hunyady


FACT – when talking to family physicians, they tell you that most of their patients are people over the age of 50. This is a status quo mindset of our contemporary society, where the association of aging and pain or dis-ease is considered the “norm”, for our passage through life. Now I ask you: Are you happy to accept this? … is this what you want, when you get older? … would you like to avoid it, … if you could? … are you ready to take action? … or just to skeptical for this?

Now I will confess, I was skeptical too, but now I know from my experience, that you can stay healthy, while you are aging. The methods used to maintain your health are simple, possible and inexpensive, if you gain trust based on knowledge, belief based on personal experience, and discipline to change and adopt healthy habits in your lifestyle.

I was over 60, and had a belief that the symptoms of aging, and the disease my father predicted that I inherited, will cause suffering in my later life too. He believed in genetics and the discoveries published in this field as being undeniable and truth. A few years ago, I learned about NLP, the mind-body connection, self-hypnosis, mass-media advertising, trends, myths, healthcare business and the effects negative emotions have on me, and all of us living. I became happy, fully satisfied about my discoveries, and very excited about my future life and health perspective. If you ever need help with your healthcare, then check out PRN Funding.


When I learned from my NLP Practitioner course how my SELF-TALK developed in my life, the cheat-chat in my mind based on all my perception and life experiences, “altered” by the “authority” of the official knowledge I gained throughout my life, I was terrified of my past ignorance. As an engineer, my belief system was based on “hard evidence” of scientific proof. I had a “cold” judgment about events and experiences, and learned how to ignore emotions. I could not recognize, fear and anger, sadness of grief, and considered that I have no guilt, considering that being at cause, I made all the “choices” that cased the results in all my past  life experiences. Little did I know that things could be different if I could “clean-up” my backpack of negative experiences accumulated throughout 5 decades of active living. All our life experiences are associated with unconscious emotions, or states, that are short, lasting just a few seconds and are associated with every thought racing through our mind. Some of the 90,000 thoughts that we process in average throughout a day, are associated with negative emotions, many of them unattended and unresolved consciously. All unresolved emotions remain stored and accounted for by our unconscious mind “the imaginary backpack”, which by the age of 50 becomes overwhelmed due to our racing, and overly stressed out life style. We witnessed the experience of our parents and grandparents and this became the example, “status quo”, our unconscious mind takes as being “real” in running our body. Now can I change this programming? … and empty my backpack from all these negative EMOTIONS?

The process of TIME LINE THERAPY®

Yes, … a solution came along with neuro-linguistic programming and the process of TIME LINE THERAPY®, invented by Dr. Tad James, and put in practice worldwide the past 3 decades with astonishing results. The method does NOT require conscious recollection of events and emotions, but can truly clean the emotional garbage from the unconscious mind in just a few hours of self-therapeutic process. The results were undeniable, my organ symptoms disappeared, allergies reseeded, anxiety dissolved and I got new hopes for my later years of life. Suddenly I had the emotional desire to “clean-up” my old habits, control my self-talk, become much more active, enjoy nature and outdoor living, eat healthy, attend my emotions consciously and find positive LEARNINGS from all my life experiences.

I KNOW it is possible and YOU can DO IT too! … just ask the experts and in less than one months you can learn everything you need to know, to regain your health, your happy days, age graciously, without pain, or any dis-ease that you might have right now. Believe in yourself, and become one who will change the future of this planet.



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    Hi, i qualified as a master prac in TLT, NLP and Hypnosis with Emma James (Tad James trainer) through NLP Belfast a few years ago, at the time i enquired about registration for these disciplines and was told that this was unnecessary and i could advertise as being a Master Prac.

    I have recently been approached for yearly fees? Can you confirm if this is legitimate and if so when was it introduced?

    Thank you

    • Sarah Fung
      Sarah Fung

      HI Vivian,
      Thank you for your enquirer and email.
      Time Line Therapy® is a registered trademark of Tad James, licensed exclusively to the Time Line Therapy Association™, Inc. Association members in good standing are authorized to use this trademark in conjunction with their practice of Time Line Therapy® techniques.
      If you would like to promote Time Line Therapy® as part of your service, please contact Time Line Therapy Association™ ( for the membership.
      Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

      Thank you and have a great day.

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