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NLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James CoNLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James CoNLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James Co


Success in the USA!!!! A huge 2 months of trainings have now wrapped up for the USA.

A massive congratulations goes out to all the new graduates and our incredible Trainers, Coaching Assistants and the US Office Team for creating such a successful training season. Up next for the USA and Las Vegas will be our NLP Practitioner Training in September 23rd – 29th 2017. Join in on the success and secure your seat for one of our world class trainings! The Tad James Company continues to lift the roof in Melbourne with the official start of our NLP Practitioner Training. Another amazing group of students are setting the waves of transformation in motion! Closely followed by our NLP Master Practitioner Training from the 26th August – 8th September 2017.
Take your next step towards creating the life you want, call our offices now on (US 1-888-440-4823 / AU 1-800-133-433) to book your seat in one of our upcoming Trainings!

Do You See In, Or Do You See Out The NLP Hierarchy of Ideas Part 1 – Specific and abstract are two very different types of thinking and are valuable in their own way. The ability to be flexible in your thinking between these, is where the real value lies. Discover in this week’s first article by Dr. Adriana James how having the ability to have flexibility in your thinking (from detail to big picture) leads to improved communication and problem solving and opens up greater freedom of thought to see more possibilities and opportunity for oneself and others.

Our ˜Tightly-Narrow-Thinking-Box’ Challenged Again – Is your life limited by a ˜tightly-narrow-thinking-box’?! How do your words and your thoughts affect your internal and external environment?! This week’s second article by Dr. Adriana James takes a look into how our words and our choice of language create our reality…right down to the cellular level…

Introduction written by Fini Todd @ Sydney Office.

Your New Articles, Hints & Tips

Do You See In, Or Do You See Out The NLP Hierarchy of Ideas Part 1

by Dr. Adriana James

In NLP there is a little technique called “The Hierarchy of Ideas”. We teach it in every NLP Coaching Practitioner Training. Often overlooked and mostly poorly explained in the average NLP courses, this technique is essential for your capacity to observe and be aware of the bigger picture (or the pattern). In a nutshell “Hierarchy of Ideas” is a technique that shows you how to develop a way of thinking that can easily navigate along the continuum from abstract thinking to specificity or the other way around depending on your momentary needs. Like everything else, both types of thinking can be used in an empowering way for the individual mind or the other way around…(Read More)

Our ˜Tightly-Narrow-Thinking-Box’ Challenged Again

by Dr. Adriana James

We live in a tightly defined box. Which in turns defines tightly controlled thinking – this you can think, this is not Ok to think, this you can do, that you cannot do.

Oh and let’s also remember the confusing and perplexing contradictory messages we receive – we should dislike X but on the other hand we’re told that X is ok (under certain circumstances which remain murky and unknown). We should be against Y but Y is ok. We can say Z but we cannot say Z under other circumstances....(Read More)


Beyond Belief – The Documentary

Embark on a journey of expanded awareness Beyond Belief. This innovative film reveals the role beliefs and the subconscious mind play in creating your experience. Uncover the source of limiting beliefs that stop you from having what you want.
A great best-seller in the area of self improvement.

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VALUES And the Evolution of Consciousness

Would you like to truly understand at deeper level how values drive our behaviour and world? We live in a world ridden with conflict. Everyone knows about it and only a select few have any motivation to do anything about it. Have you purchased your copy of Dr. Adriana’s new book, “Values And the Evolution of Consciousness“? It’s available on Amazon NOW!

Thank you for your support and please continue to join us on our mission to Transform The Planet by leaving a book review on Amazon and inspire others to learn these insightful resources to implement in life.


Schedule of Training 2017 (USA & Australia)

USA (Las Vegas)

FasTrak™ NLP Practitioner Training

SEPTEMBER 23 – 29 | DECEMBER 1 – 7


The Secret of Creating Your Future® Seminar

SEPTEMBER 23 & 24 (Sydney)

3-Day Modern Hypnosis Certification

NOVEMBER 17 – 19 (Adelaide)

FasTrak™ NLP Practitioner Training

AUGUST 17 – 23 (Melbourne) | OCTOBER 30 – NOVEMBER 5 (Sydney)

NOVEMBER 21 – 27 (Adelaide)

NLP Master Practitioner Training

AUGUST 26 – SEPTEMBER 9 (Melbourne)

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