My Lessons from the NLP Trainer’s Training by Rebel Brown

My Lessons from the NLP Trainer’s Training by Rebel Brown

My Lessons from the NLP Trainer’s Training by Rebel Brown
Rebel   By Rebel Brown

When I signed up for the NLP Trainer’s Training, my primary focus was on learning the knowledge captured by Tad and Adriana specifically around speaking.  I knew they’d teach me how to present to the unconscious mind.  I would take my platform presentations to the next level. I did indeed get that knowledge. Simply amazing knowledge and practices are now installed in my unconscious mind. And I got SO MUCH MORE.  If you think that trainer’s training is only about being a trainer or speaker, think again. Yes, you’ll learn the information and techniques you need to be an outstanding trainer and speaker – but that’s the tip of the iceberg. The other oh-so-powerful results live below the surface – inside you. We’ve all experienced the transformational power of becoming an NLP Practitioner.  Many of us have also taken our next step of transformation as we experienced the awesome power of our breakthrough session at Master Practitioner.  That was a big Wow, now wasn’t it? NLP Trainer’s Training takes you to the next level, and the next, and the next.  You will find new levels of confidences, energy, focus, communication, persistence, power and yes – self awareness – all thanks to the powerful experiences of Trainer’s Training. Imagine:

  • Knowing that if and when your back is against the wall – at work or in life – you can and will handle the situation with confidence, ease and grace.
  • Stretching yourself beyond your previous limits to find a magnificent, expansive and capable you on the other side of that oh-so-silly boundary.
  •  Absolutely knowing with 100% confidence that you can and will just keep going and succeeding in life and business – NO MATTER WHAT.
  • Understanding how to focus your attention so that nothing can flap you – absolutely nothing.  Kids screaming, people misbehaving, someone in your face.
  • Knowing you can and will stay calm and focused in the midst of a conflict or crisis.  Knowing you can and will resolve whatever is happening.
  • The perfect responses to your client’s questions and needs flowing easily and effortlessly.
  • Stepping into the most confident, knowledgeable and energetic you that you ever imagined. Now double or triple that feeling because there is so much more  you’ll find as part of this work.
  • Looking back at the gauntlet and proudly saying, “Wow – I DID THAT!”  and knowing you can do it again and again and again at every turn in your life.

These are just a few examples of the blessings I received from Tad and Adriana at NLP Trainer’s Training. People have asked me if it’s worth spending the time and money for NLP Trainer’s Training, whether or not you’d like to train practitioners. My answer is simple.  ABSOLUTELY YES!!!! This is the BEST 2.5 weeks you will ever spend for YOU!   YOU DESERVE IT so give yourself the GIFT of Trainer’s Training.

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