Part 5 - About Time Line Therapy - Effective process that works!

Here is a Method that is Helping to Refine Your Goal Setting to Make It Happen – NLP Teaches us about Boundaries, Part 5

Here is a Method that is Helping to Refine Your Goal Setting to Make It Happen – NLP Teaches us about Boundaries, Part 5

By Adriana James and Brett Ellis

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Now We Get To The Heavy Part

The next question is then: How often do you walk over somebody else’s boundaries in your daily life? How many times you are ready to “tell others” what’s best for them, when they did not ask for your advice, or maybe when feel directly offended by your interference?

Are you really walking your talk? If not in NLP we have a process called Parts Integration. Do it and become congruent. Are you living by your values? For what you REALLY value? Or are you just saying you do? Learn how to clean up your values and live by them without interfering with the free will of another individual and this will automatically lead to cleaner boundaries and this in turn will clean up your projection. Complicated?

Well it seems so, but actually it is pretty simple.  The point is that it will make your life happier, and much more in control.

Just by bringing this kind of thinking into your consciousness you are on the road of getting in charge of your own projections and begin being aware of boundaries of others around you. All that’s missing now are the skills – and if you studied NLP and Time Line Therapy® at Practitioner and Master Practitioner level, you have the skills. Use them… or you know want will happen.

What To Do

If you have not studied Time Line Therapy®, here’s how you can transform those unresolved issues that you took back from your uncontrolled projections. Time Line Therapy® is a very fast and effective process that releases a person’s negative emotions, limiting decisions, integrates internal conflicts and allows them to set goals in their future and realistically achieve those outcomes! If you’re serious about transforming your life, get in touch with a certified Time Line Therapy® Practitioner through this website or even do the trainings yourself and become a Certified Practitioner of NLP, NLP Coaching, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis taking the power to transform along with you for the rest of your Life!

Give the experiment a go and notice the difference you can make in your life right now by setting your boundaries clearly and getting control of your projections! If you want to take it to the next step and let go of those old limiting projections, you can contact the office on this website! I’m sure they will assist you in making your next move.

leave us a comment at the bottom of the article about your experiences with boundaries and projections and support the boundaries of others!

Until next time, be well


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Brett Ellis

About the Author: Brett Ellis

Brett Ellis is a Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Master Time Line Therapy® Trainer and Hypnosis Trainer. He’s been teaching trainings in Western Australia since 2007 as a graduate of Drs Tad and Adriana James and continues to be involved with the latest research and developments of the field. Transgressing from a background of Family Crisis Management and Educating long term unemployed to re-engage and step back into the power of creating the lives they want and deserve, Brett has guided many transformations in people’s lives over the last 20 years with a dynamic and fulfilling passion second to none. With elegance Brett continues to dedicate the remainder of his life to empowering the magical powers of Change within people not only with a love for them but with a great dedication to the transformation of mankind upon our planet with honor and integrity in all areas of life.


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