Marketing Tricks: Article No. 09

Marketing Tricks the BIG Companies Use to Fool You” Series Use the Same Tricks to Build Your NLPCoaching Business IX

Marketing Tricks the BIG Companies Use to Fool You” Series Use the Same Tricks to Build Your NLPCoaching Business IX

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Marketing Tricks: Article No.09

On the next pattern, Dichotomies we could write a book – and actually it is to be noted that Tad and I are doing a lot of research in this respect. So, my notes here should be considered work in progress and may be modified and updated from time to time as we progress through our research.
I don’t know if you have ever spent the time to contemplate how fragmented people are.
This OR that.
Salami on the pizza OR pineapple.
Shall I take vacation this year OR work to accrue more days next year.
Shall I name my newborn with my father’s name OR would that be old fashioned.
Shall I marry this guy/girl OR not?
Shall I have my own small business OR stay employed forever?
Shall I take the bus today OR the train?
And on and on it goes at every step.
And if you’re a person that makes decisions easily and sticks with your decisions once made, you’re one of the few. Because most people are literally devoured by inner conflicts, which destroy our energy and make us freeze.

Pattern No.9 – DICHOTOMY – A Statement Who Does Not Allow For Intermediate State In Between The Two Extremes (In NLP it is called an Exclusive “Or”)

When trainings, people, corporations, policies, statements, etc. are being described as good or bad, intelligent or stupid, delivering what promised or being a scam, etc., what is involved is an absolute dichotomy (or opposition).
Of course there are some dichotomies which are valid. A woman is either pregnant or not. A person is guilty or innocent, asleep or awake, dead or alive. However, for most of the cases, absolute dichotomies are not valid.

You either take a live training or you’re never going to really learn NLP properly.

This is actually not true. There are modalities to take a NLP Training Online and be very good at NLP.

You’re either a believer in NLP, or you don’t really know how to think.

To master this technique write a statement in support of a proposed introduction of a new technique in NLP using the Dichotomy Pattern. (Example: you can claim that those who are opposed to introduction of other things in NLP, like esoteric, Huna, energy healing, Reiki, etc. are old fashioned and too left brained while those who support this idea are innovative and modern thinking.)
Until next time, be well.

Adriana James

About the Author: Adriana James

NLP Master Trainer, Hypnosis Master Trainer and NLPCoaching Master Trainer. She is the author of the book Values And the Evolution of Consciousness - a book about how to take advantage of the massive changes which the world is going through and  Time Line Therapy® Made Easy - an introduction to Time Line Therapy® techniques easy to master by everyone. To read more about Adriana go here.


  1. Brett Ellis
    Brett Ellis

    Example: Graduating NLP and Time Line Therapy(R) trainers training stopped me destroying my life!

  2. Bogdan

    Hey, thanks Brett! Great to have you happy and teaching NLP and Time Line Therapy(R) out there… thanks mate!!!

  3. Brett Ellis
    Brett Ellis

    Thank YOU! My happiness has continued to expand since the beginning of my trainings with the Tad James Company back in 2005 and I must admit that as a trainer I have never been happier. I will never retire as a trainer of NLP, Time Line Therapy(R) and hypnosis and therefore I am in this for the rest of my life.

    PS. did I mention how much I love my life now, lol. It’s true, even others love my life.

    Thanks again Bogdan, Adriana & Tad… especially Conor and the staff for their guidance and support over the years, THIS IS WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR!!

  4. Bogdan

    And thank you mate for all your support ever since 2005… what a journey this is!! Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your growth and evolution 🙂

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