“Life is a Journey”

“Life is a Journey”

“Life is a Journey”

They say: “Life is a Journey” ……. I agree.
8 weeks at the Tad James Company in Las Vegas 2017 as part of the Summer Series Training Season.

I have been here as a Coaching Assistant, finishing the first year of the Master Trainer Program. In the course of the eight weeks I have observed and been a part of NLP Practitioner Training, NLP Master Practitioner Training, NLP Trainers Training and (as a participant) Hypnosis Trainers Training. What a wonderful time I have had!

It started with the trip from The Netherlands to Vegas and the difference in time, temperature and culture was just the begging of stepping out of my comfort zone which I often enjoy as that’s where the learning happens!

In my own trainings I always tell my students “As long as you stay in your comfort zone, there is nothing to learn. If you really want to make the difference, you have to step out and take action.”
So as I stepped out of my own comfort zone, I realised that there were lots of reasons for me to come all the way to Vegas. The main reason was I wanted to improve myself, really understand and develop my capabilities for the best of my students in The Netherlands and evolve into the best NLP Trainer I can be for them.

Life is a learning journey and as I look back along the Time Line of my life thus far, I can see what NLP and Time Line Therapy ® did for me. It gave me insights in myself and it released the thresholds to do what I really want to do. To transform the lives of people who are ready for it.

Questions like: Am I good enough? What does he or she think about me? Do I do it the right way? Etc. doubts, limiting beliefs, fear, anger, sadness, pain from the past and all that stuff…… We help them get rid of that and through the process of helping others, I realised that it took me to the next level.

I started my own NLP Trainings institute in The Netherlands, 2014, immediately after I had finished the NLP Trainers Training in Vegas. This is the best choice I’ve ever made. I have been working for the last three years to build my company. I succeeded to do so, not only by hard working but also because of the support of the Tad James Company. One of the best things is the lifelong support they give to their students and they really care about me. Every student is import and valuable here.

Doing the Master Trainer Program is giving me the opportunity’s to grow my business even further than I could in a shorter time, if I didn’t have that support.

I came back to Assist and be part of this community because it is here we find the source of NLP – 35 years of experience and knowledge. What’s amazing is that I know that kind of success and longevity is reachable for me, just by following the Master Trainers Program. How cool is that?

To have a plan and think about what you want is not the only thing. What I’ve learned is to invest in myself. The money I’ve made during this years, I’ve invested in myself, in increasing my knowledge, experiences and I know that I became a better Trainer this summer.

So if you have a plan to start your own company after finishing the NLP Trainers Training, get the support from the Tad James Company and take action!
This summer was a journey and from here the journey goes on. I take all the learnings back to my company and to my students. I want to share this!
Thanks to all the people I’ve met this summer, you were all part of my journey. I have learned from every single one of you! I got not only my goal to develop myself but also got to meet a lot of wonderful people from all over the world. Old and young and from all different backgrounds.

A very special thanks to Drs. Adriana and Tad James, and all of the staff of The Tad James Company.


About the Author: Ymkje de Vries

Health care manager, Shipbuilder, woodworker, NLP trainer, since 2014

Life motto: Change your thougths and you can change your world!

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