Does NLP Work? What Do You Think?

Does NLP Work? What Do You Think?

Does NLP Work? What Do You Think?

“Does NLP Work” is presented with permission from:

Jaap Hollander, and Oliver Malinowski

Institute for Eclectic Psychology

Nijmegen, The Netherlands


In a study in the Netherlands recently, of the people who took part in a 1-hour NLP Coaching session 64% succeeded in eliminating mild social or psychological issues. The results were outstanding.

Additional Information:

Individuals with mild social or psychological problems were studied to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). The intent was to examine changes in behavior in individuals receiving NLP Coaching. The NLP coaching session was an approximately 1 hour meeting conducted by someone trained in NLP. 25 people were to evaluate their problem on a scale of 1 to 10 at least 20 days before and 20 days following the NLP coaching session.

Out of the 25 people, 16 participants, 64%, improved based on their own evaluation regarding their mild social or psychological issues as a result of the NLP Coaching. On the average, the overall well-being of the group increased after NLP Coaching. The authors determined that NLP Coaching can produce results in treating mild social or psychological issues. The authors said, “Based on our findings and the limitations of this design, further scientific investigation of NLP is recommended.”

So, Does NLP really work? The answer is YES!


So, when your friends ask you, “does NLP work?” You can send them to this article.

Tad James

About the Author: Tad James

Tad James, M.S., Ph.D. is a Certified Master Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Master Trainer of Time Line Therapy®, Master Trainer of Hypnosis and Trainer of NLPCoaching. Tad is the creator of a revolutionary new paradigm for human change known as the Time Line Therapy® techniques. He is the author of 7 books and numerous audios and videos in the field of NLP, including the Best Seller “The Secret of Creating Your Future®”. Tad James was the first NLP trainer to do a Learn NLP Training in an accelerated format.


  1. Brett Ellis
    Brett Ellis

    Does NLP work???? Well, it’s the only thing I’ve ever found that works for me!!! In this I ABSOLUTELY include Time Line Therapy® techniques!!! I’ve always had an uncanny ability to take a system and make it bite its “bottom” for want of better words, lol, but with NLP & Time Line Therapy® techniques I’ve NEVER been able to do this!

    It works for everyone who WANTS change – like the old saying goes – how many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb? NONE! The light bulb has to want to change! I suppose a light bulb that doesn’t want to change, wants to be in the dark I guess, I don’t know, I’d have to ask the light bulb, wouldn’t I!!

    So, these findings are great in my book! It backs up what I found. I call it the lollypop theory – A child gets a lollypop given to it by an adult and then asks: what flavor it is. The adult replies; put it in your mouth and taste it and see!

    So, in 2006 I gave NLP the lollypop test and the flavor shocked me!!! I was at a 3 day hypnosis training to find out how I could live with how I felt UNTIL the trainer asked me if I’d like to be a demo model in the training for an NLP technique.

    I was shocked and surprised!! I literally looked around the room and while I was looking I thought “what am I looking for?” Huh, I was looking for the old emotion, even though I knew that was crazy, I still looked for it!!

    The trainer kept smiling at me saying “what are you looking for Brett?” and he would smile again and look with me! Huh, funny! Then I just laughed with him and shrugged my shoulders. There was no way back from there!

    That’s when I signed up for NLP Practitioners Certification training – I had to borrow $100 just to sign up but, I couldn’t do without it. I didn’t know how I was going to pay for it or even if I would pass the test.

    I had crazy thoughts go through my mind of all the reasons why I would be able to make it and still I jumped in! What was that??? Call me crazy or call me a fool, BUT, a BIG BUT, something inside of me pushed and pushed. I wanted it so much that I was prepared to do ANYTHING to get it!! ANYTHING! I knew I could help other with this!!!

    As long as it would take, whatever I had to do or needed to do, I was going to have it!! And so I did! It’s funny, my first training was the hardest really, after that I knew I was going to be okay. Still, that wasn’t enough for me – so I kept going and going and going and….

    From homeless junky to therapist, to trainer, to having my life back, to starting a family!! I have had two children taken from me, one return and another born and stay with me. I’ve lost dignity only to rediscover integrity and most of all, I will always be okay, which I never thought would be true, NEVER! Who’d of thought that I could change?? I thought I would die in prison or just serve life there!

    If I can do this ANYONE CAN!!!!!! I really got more than I bargained for with NLP – It saved my life because I wanted it!

    Sorry for the length of this comment but, it’s a huge thing for me!!! 🙂 🙂

    • Fini Todd

      I always love reading your comments Brett….ESPECIALLY the long ones 😉

      • Brett Ellis
        Brett Ellis

        Thanks Fini 🙂

        I think I’m addicted to these articles lol

        • Ben Huggins

          Thank you Brett Ellis it’s always a pleasure speaking with you and reading your articles

  2. Sophie

    Hey, I like this article Tad!! In the past I have used other forms of therapies, without getting the results that I have with NLP. I’m continually amazed with the outstanding results of NLP, time and time again, and the fact that the results occur quickly for myself and others.

    I have had people ask me if NLP works, and of course I advise them that it does. This article is a great reference for people that want to know about studies on NLP so they can read the results for themselves!

  3. Fini Todd

    I was first introduced to NLP through a friend and my life has spiralled upwards ever since! The tools I have learnt and then applied within my life have truly opened my eyes to a whole new wonderful world. I was at the effect of my past and using it as an excuse for so many things! I actually had no idea how often!

    I use NLP for positive change every day in every area of my life. The beauty of it is, is that we will always continue to grow and learn if we choose to….and so NLP (and Time Line Therapy), as I see it, is an absolutely essential life long tool as it’s uses will never be outgrown or used up. I feel NLP is limitless in the way it can be used day in day out, and that is a pretty cool thing in our fast passed, technically advancing world !!

  4. Dwayne Mercorella

    Does NLP really work ? hahaha Ask all of my clients 😉

  5. Lauren

    Yes! NLP and TLT® are astonishingly empowering and powerful!

    I must admit when I introduce to these techniques I could not believe it was so simple.
    Im still amazed with the results in which my clients can produce. Its incredibly fulfilling and empowering for me to assist others to produce excellence in their world.

    My personal experiences and enjoyment in applying these techniques for myself is learning so much about myself, my power and being able to pull the curtain away revealing the illusion that so many people are led to believe is there.

    • Brett Ellis
      Brett Ellis

      More power to you Lauren!! I think you hit the nail on the head there about “excellence” – it certainly leaves a trail behind that’s empowering and enjoyable. 🙂

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