Congratulations Tad and The Tad James Company!

Congratulations Tad and The Tad James Company!

Congratulations Tad and The Tad James Company!

Congratulations Tad and The Tad James Company for receiving The NLP Lifetime Contribution Award! Thank you Tad for your great contribution to the fields of NLP, Hypnosis and Coaching and for bringing to the world the wonderful Time Line Therapy® techniques. Both of our lives have significantly changed for the better in so many ways since taking all of your trainings.

For instance, NLP and Time Line Therapy® along with all of the tools learned at the Accelerated Evolution Programme (APEP) with you and Adriana, both saved our marriage and allowed us to take our relationship to a very high level of results in a very short period of time. Every day, we now are able to successfully work together, spend time together, coach clients together, exercise together, teach students together in NLP trainings…and do everything together really in a fun and aligned way. This really would not be possible or easy to accomplish without having learned the NLP & Time Line Therapy® techniques, which we use every single day. Anyone who has seen us when we’re teaching NLP would be able to attest to the fact that we are truly ‘aligned’ in our relationship and with each other. After taking all of the trainings with The Tad James Company, everything in our life improved; including our relationship, our health, our career, our prosperity and our spirituality.

We have been so inspired by all of these teachings and trainings that we decided to join in the effort to Transform the Planet and also teach NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis and Coaching. We are having so much fun, we feel so fulfilled and life is great! We have so much gratitude, respect and appreciation to you both for positively impacting our life in so many ways. Thank you from our hearts!

by Stephan & Shalee Schafeitel

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    Thanks Tad & Adriana for all you do.

    It certainly transformed my life and I have referred many, many people to you.

    Good luck with the next phase of transforming the planet.

    Warm regards,

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    Rio Alvarez

    You deserve it Tad & Adriana! You have helped so much people including me. Thank you so much for all your advises. YOU BOTH ARE AWESOME!!

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    Mikka George


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