Confessions of an NLP Practitioner - How to Learn NLP

Confessions of an NLP Practitioner

Confessions of an NLP Practitioner

I received the following testimonial from one of our successful NLP and Time Line Therapy® Trainer graduates. In fact it is not directly from her but from one of her students which I do not know personally. Her name is Camelia Paduraru and based on the testimonial she forwarded to me and which you can read below, I can only say – congratulations Camelia. Well done! You are actually doing something for transforming this planet and making it a better place one person at the time! We’re very proud of you!

When we read acknowledgments like the one below we know that we’re doing something good. To have our graduates successful, and to have their graduates successful is immensely rewarding.

“On the final day of my NLP Practitioner Course, when Camelia was recording the testimonials, she asked me how I had found the entire experience. Right away, I firmly responded that it had most likely been the most important thing I had ever done in my life. The thought just naturally “bubbled out” at the surface of my conscious mind, and I gladly stick to my words to this day.

“In all honesty, when I first decided to attend the course, I only had a shadow of an idea about what I was really signing up to learn. I only knew that my friends who had already gone through it had emerged transformed in significant ways, although what precisely this “significance” amounted to still eluded me. I just knew that I profoundly needed change in my life, and I was glad to lunge at the slightest promising opportunity toward such shift of fortune.

“For years I had felt as though the bulk of my potential, my skills, and my resources thrived (just) out of reach, as though clustered and enclosed on the other side of an impassible wall. As I advanced in life, I walked along the wall with the vivid sensation that all my bustling capacities vibrated beyond this haphazard border, and I lacked any means or methods to consistently access them.

“I knew, for instance, that I was capable of excellent public speaking, creative or argumentative writing masterfully wrought, or even dancing at least half-decently. I had certainly done it all at times (though not all at the same time), with delightful results. I simply did not know how I had done it, or how I could keep doing it consistently, rather than by chance. It seemed like, from time to time, I came across breaches in the wall, sometimes broader, other times tighter, and then I could bask in the luminous glory of putting my skills to work. In such moments, I felt as though I could fully unfold my conscience at ease and at my leisure down to the most obscure corners of my body, mind, and spirit, and that I lived at the fullest, rather than merely existing… or even worse, subsisting in my flesh like in a burrow.

“Other times, I just came across mere cracks in the wall, through which I caught tantalizing glimpses of the full might in which I knew I could only accidentally relish. The result was that I kept spending sizeable portions of my life brooding, exhausting myself in corrosive self-doubt, at least twice-removed from my own consciousness and capabilities.

“But all that had changed in depth. It began timidly, as I was learning the basic NLP practices and appropriating a new mindset, and I started to reframe what I thought were concrete obstacles in my life into mental causeways toward my goals. Then, it just exploded in bloom and blossom when I finally released the grand negative emotions of the past, which were halting my mind stuck, rambling in vicious circles.

“The process was difficult, but all the more rewarding. When I allowed myself to let go of fear, for instance, I discovered just how deeply entrenched it was in the depths of my mind, and how I had (falsely) perceived it aided my self-preservation, when, in fact, it had just confined me.

“When I sensed the irrational fear unlock my mind, it was as though a refreshing wave of relief washed over me. I started laughing to the brink of tears, and then I cried with joy for minutes on end. I felt as though barely now I could see the light of life, whereas before, I had been living in an invisible prison all my life, without even knowing it. And my mental metaphor turned on its head, too. I realized I was the one enclosed behind the wall all along, not my best qualities, which roamed freely beyond… and moreover, I had built the wall, myself.

“I immediately sensed that my mind’s filters had cleansed themselves, and I gained an unprecedented clarity with respect to my emotions, my professional and personal choices. I was almost overwhelmed by the confidence that swelled over me, when I realized I could simply go out and achieve so many things I had not allowed myself to do before and all the disparate pieces of life that I could not fit together before now smoothly and ever so congruously fell into place.

“Now, this change has become so much part of me, so much the default background of my mind that I sometimes tend to almost forget it even occurred in the first place. As I was writing this testimony, nevertheless, I had the chance to vividly reminisce the long, arduous way I’ve come from my resource-less state in the past. Far from feeling “walled in” my own life, begging for a haphazard chance to harness my skills and most apt traits, now I confidently sense that I can access them at will, that regardless the situation, I can figure out just how to combine them for a steadfast solution. “

Adrian Munteanu

Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis and Coaching


Until next time, be well.

Adriana James

About the Author: Adriana James

NLP Master Trainer, Hypnosis Master Trainer and NLPCoaching Master Trainer. She is the author of the book Values And the Evolution of Consciousness - a book about how to take advantage of the massive changes which the world is going through and  Time Line Therapy® Made Easy - an introduction to Time Line Therapy® techniques easy to master by everyone. To read more about Adriana go here.


  1. Well, thank you, Tad and Adriana, for making all these powerful methodologies available and doing such a great job in empowering people to model the excellence and take them further! Not many things feel as rewarding as being able to pay them forward and constantly witness profound positive transformation in people. And congratulations, Mr. Adrian Munteanu, great job!

  2. Brett

    I totally agree with this article!! It gave me flashbacks of my early days going into NLP & Coaching!

    As scary as it was – it was the support of the staff at the Tad James Company that helped me through and guided me based on my own needs. I’ve never felt so supported in my life than with the Tad James Co and staff and they had me stand on my own two feet as soon as possible and encouraged me all the way to Trainers Training and beyond into working with clients, training students and developing my business and personal life!

    I could NOT have done this without the TJC staff and their amazing commitment to my transformations!

    My greatest thanks and respect to all the TJC Staff!!!

  3. Fini

    What a wonderfull testimonial and amazing journey! I loved reading your experience and feel that much more inspired to continue to full fill the path I have chosen to coach and train and do my part in transforming the planet.I have just completed my master practitioner training with Tad and Adriana and had the most amazing 2 weeks and could not be more thankful for the work Tad and Adriana do and the endless support and love they give to their students. I truely feel that this line of work is a fundamental key to the future of our planet.

  4. Adrian Munteanu

    I am just glad to the bone to keep being part of this wonderful, ongoing transformational experience! My deepest gratitude goes to Tad and Adriana, for inspiring people with the model of living excellence that they teach, and to Camelia, for being an exquisite trainer, and above all, an amazing human being!

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