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NLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James CoNLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James CoNLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James Co

How to Change the Future Based on Your Time’s Past

As you can tell from the title of this post, this article is focused primarily on a practical technique to create (yes to create) a future you want rather than something that “just happens”. In the NLP Coaching Master Practitioner trainings during the Time Line Therapy® Master section we unravel how the future is created based on past experiences.

One of the main themes of that section in the training is concerned with the fact that there is not a set future exactly the same for everybody and that space and time are fluid, malleable and controllable. Too much to believe? Simultaneously and paradoxically, what is in your future Time Line is bound to happen.  Together let’s unravel the How-Is-That-Possible here.

First, how would you know what’s in your future Time Line? Very simple – go check! You have future conscious and unconscious memories already present in your future Time Line. Yes you do! Everything you plan consciously for the future is already there. A vacation? Retirement at a certain age? Go camping with a tent from Survival Cooking? A promotion? A new relationship? They’re already there. But also you have a lot of unconscious memories which are already there based on your past experiences, emotions, decisions and beliefs.

So, to discover what is in your future Time Line you can follow the process available on The Secret of Creating Your Future® CD set (which is available to download for free for the NLPCoaching website fulltime members) or you can attempt to do it yourself. First you need to discover where your Time Line is, so ask yourself “If I was to know where my past is, in what direction would I point?” and then as quickly as you can point with your finger to some direction. It can be behind you. To your right, to your left, ahead, up or down. Trust your Unconscious Mind here and just point quickly. Once you have a direction then ask yourself “And the future – in what direction would I point for the future?” and then point again. The secret is to do it fast. Do not sit there wondering where should it be, just do it.

Now that you’ve done that, notice that the two (the past and the future locations) imply a line. That’s how your Unconscious Mind symbolizes your personal Time Line.

Now, using the faculty of your imagination you can float above your imaginary Time Line and pop into your future at different times and discover what’s there. You may see future memories, you may feel certain things, you may hear different conversations or your own inner voice. However you experience your future memories is particular to you.

Now, some of your future memories may not be the way you like them. You may discover scary, sad or unpleasant things and this leads me to the second point I’d like to make. Your future memories in your Time Line are bound to happen but they’re not cast in stone. If you discover something you don’t like in your future, this is because your Unconscious Mind has put them there based on your past. Therefore to change that part of your future, you have to go back and change something in the past memories which are the root cause for the future objectionable event.

Let’s say you had an experience in your past where a relationship broke down in a very unfortunate way. Based on that experience where you experienced Negative Emotions like hurt, anger, resentment, jealousy, sadness, anxiety and maybe others, your Unconscious Mind has created the same possibility for the future. So now, when faced with entering in a new relationship, you’re already automatically afraid of a similar experience happening again.

But what your Unconscious Mind does not consider is that you are not the same person. You have learned a valuable lesson based on the past experience. You are much better now at protecting yourself, much more aware of what you did not know before. Therefore all that negative emotional luggage can go, provided that you maintain all the learnings coming off the past experience.

Only that, your Unconscious Mind (1) does not know it can let go of the Negative Emotions and (2) it does not know it has permission to do so. So you can do a Time Line Therapy® process, and make sure you let go of the Negative Emotions, Limiting Decisions and Limiting Beliefs from the past. The net result will be a change in your future Time Line memories.

Could not be that simple? Have a look at this article that appeared on the Scientific American website:  2 Futures Can Explain Time’s Mysterious Past And what caught my eye right from the beginning is this paragraph:

“New theories suggest the big bang was not the beginning, and that we may live in the past of a parallel universe.”

Bold faced mine

It is a very scientific article, but not the first one to promote the idea of parallel futures. It seems that finally science begins to catch up with what permeated many of the old teachings present in many cultures around the world. And that is the fact that your mind with its power of creativity and imagination doubled by awareness and consciousness creates reality.

The 19th-century Austrian physicist Ludwig Boltzmann said that what we perceive as the “arrow” of linear time is really just the persistent rearrangement of highly ordered conditions into

“[,] random, useless configurations, a product of the universal tendency for all things to settle toward equilibrium with one another.”

This tells us that we can have an input in this random configurations of energy patterns and we can influence them into the order we so desire.

This is not a common way of thinking I agree. Common knowledge tells us that there is only one set order in the universe and only one set future for yourself. Then you’re a victim and there is nothing you can do right? But this is what most people believe. Remember just one thing: common knowledge is just that: common, average, ordinary, unexceptional and usually second-rate.

Now, the materialist scientists will tell you that to believe that you can influence the future with your own mind, creativity and imagination and with the help of Time Line Therapy® is all a delusion. But here is the interesting thing: somehow when you adopt the belief that you can create your future, and you clean up the past the way I described above, the future seems to reorganize itself the way you want.

Then here is a question for you. We are deluded in many ways every single day of our lives believing in crap we’re being served by the media. Why not believe in a “delusion” that produces some positive results?

The conclusion? The future is changeable and there are many possible futures you can have.

Until next time, be well.