Bizarre… Not so! Values Levels Conflicts

Bizarre… Not so! Values Levels Conflicts

Bizarre… Not so! Values Levels Conflicts

This is funny… in an dry way.

Here is the name of an article somebody forwarded to me today: Coca-Cola Paid Priests to Use Coke In ‘Healing Rituals’

The author of the article considers this bizarre. Those of you who understand values levels and therefore different types of thinking according to environment, neurology and of course life concerns, you will find this article a fascinating and “textbook” description of a values level conflict.

So what do we have? On one hand we have the traditional shamans squarely settled in values level 2 type of thinking. If you are not familiar with the different ways of thinking which in our trainings we call Values Levels (VL) here is the link to Part 1 of a mini-series of articles I wrote recently on this topic. So we have a very traditional and relatively isolated culture of a Mayan community who for whatever reason has bought what was sold to them; the idea that “aqua negra” has miraculous powers of healing.

“I am witnessing a Mayan religious ritual for the first time, yet the bottle’s shape seems familiar. Then Pepe confirms its contents: Coca-Cola.”

“San Juan Chamula is a small village 2,300m up in the Chiapas Highlands of southern Mexico, near the border with Guatemala. Its inhabitants are mostly Tzotzil Indians – one of the largest groups of Mexico’s pre-Spanish descendants, with a fierce reputation for defending traditions.”

“And, remember, this was taken very seriously — to the extent that photographs were forbidden and rumors were circulated that Americans could be killed for disturbing these Coca-Cola rituals.”

On the other hand we have a mega-corporation solidly positioned in VL 5 type of thinking, who can at any time pretend to be whatever values levels interacts with in order to sell more of their stuff. The “tell-me-who-you-want-me-to-be-so-I-can-sell-you-more-stuff” is a characteristic of VL 5 thinking. Everything to maximize the bottom line and get more of the world’s market share.

How this has been accomplished exactly? My guess is as good as yours and a matter of speculation.

First of all the shamans in this area used for generations a herb called the “sacred herb of Coca” for shamanic purposes – and that makes a lot of sense since it is as we know highly hallucinogenic. So one possibility is that this is the way it was sold to them – hey, it tastes nice and it is the same thing – which by the way is not true.

However the myth of “aqua-negra” (Coca-Cola) having miraculous properties is not new. In Guatemala many Mayan women give their babies and toddlers Coca-Cola instead of milk. I have witnessed this myself during our The Accelerated Personal Evolution Programme™ training in Tikal in 2011.

If I was to speculate for this particular case, I could envision a scenario where a local representative of Coca-Cola company whose thinking is most likely stationed around VL 3 has accomplished the feat. Why VL 3? Because (1) VL 2 does not go to work outside their clan – they feel too insecure and unsafe and (2) because only a good, smart, pathological-honest-liar (as in VL 3) could sell stuff to very traditional VL 2 Mayan communities. Further speculation would be that the shaman who introduced the ritual was himself a good VL 2-3. Why do I say that? Because

“Stories still circulate about two American tourists who were supposedly killed after taking photographs inside Chamula’s church during a ritualistic ceremony.”

So if I was to further speculate, I could say that the original salesperson of the “miraculous cure” was most likely somebody from the community or close to them. Somebody trusted enough and maybe even part of the clan. Remember VL 2 does not take advice from anybody but their chief or shaman in this case. It is also possible that this method has been adopted by modelling rivalling communities and other shamans with the “miraculous power to heal” with Coca-Cola.

I wonder what stories circulated about this miracle “aqua negra”? As the reader is probably aware, VL 2 teaches and achieves resolutions though a lot of story telling. So most likely the sales process included a lot of metaphors and miraculous stories. Most likely they are great metaphors!

But this should not make you wonder, since this article Coca-Cola May be the Best Cure for Stomach Blockages tells us here the same thing. And you’ll be surprised to find out how many people are buying it.

And just for fun you can check out the values levels exhibited by this article:

Coca-Cola Caught Paying ‘Health Leaders’ to Say Soda is ‘Healthy Snack’

Fun to contemplate from the values levels perspective though!


Until next time, be well.

Adriana James

About the Author: Adriana James

NLP Master Trainer, Hypnosis Master Trainer and NLPCoaching Master Trainer. She is the author of the book Values And the Evolution of Consciousness - a book about how to take advantage of the massive changes which the world is going through and  Time Line Therapy® Made Easy - an introduction to Time Line Therapy® techniques easy to master by everyone. To read more about Adriana go here.


  1. Sophie Hills

    Thanks for the article Adriana, I have also noticed a couple of cooking shows that use Coca Cola for tenderising meat and I have heard them say that it is easy and tasty(hmmmm).
    And in the last couple of months, I have overheard people talking about dishes that they had cooked using Coca Cola.

    I recall a recent article that you wrote regarding memes, and this is an example of this as it becomes a belief system and is passed on to others.

    Well, I believe Coca Cola makes a great cleaning product lol!!!

    • Brett Ellis
      Brett Ellis

      I like your comment Sophie!

      Wow! A cleaning product!!??!! Who in their right mind would drink such a thing??? I’d certainly steer clear of soft drink – it doesn’t sound so soft to me! May be that’s social engineering “Soft Drink” Hmmmm

  2. Brett Ellis

    This article has confirmed for me something that I have contemplated for some time. Isn’t it interesting the things we get to learn when we pay attention!!

    Sometimes we create things in our minds and project them outward in order to establish a full volition prior to fully knowing our own capabilities and other times we do not!

    So, in contemplation, I have created many things that were imaginary in order to know and convince myself that it was me all along. Now, in recognition of this thinking I can finally take the next step I was seeking.

    Oh, and I’d like to send out a big thank you to Adriana & Tad James – & Especially Bogdan for all the help and assistance with encouraging me to notice myself and my skill sets!

    I played a game with my mind and that helped me to wake up! If it wasn’t for paying attention, I may have played the game for the rest of my life.
    🙂 oh, and it was a wonderful game but, it was just a game!

  3. Fini Todd

    It is so interesting applying VL thinking to different situations, I have found when I have
    looked at situations with VLs in mind it has assisted me so much in my learning and understanding of things. For example, in a work situation with how each employee was behaving, it gave me such clarity on each persons behaviour and the thinking behind their decisions and actions. It allowed me to be neutral on the situation and see the person as the person (and magnificent) and not their behaviour and realise it is a reflection of their VL thinking. Keeping in mind that I too was seeing the situation from my VL thinking. It assisted me to observe the situation from a neutral place and observe the VL thinking of each person. I do my best to approach problems presented to me using VLs and looking at what VL my problem resides in and this has assisted me in clearing the problem and getting the learnings I needed. Great stuff!

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