How to overcome Jet Lag Part 2 - By Stephan Schafeitel

4 Tips for Overcoming Jet Lag, Part 2

4 Tips for Overcoming Jet Lag, Part 2


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You will remember from Part One of this article, two easy techniques to overcome jet lag. Now, let’s review a couple more, which are innovative uses of some of the basic techniques we teach at our NLP & Time Line Therapy® Practitioner Certification Training.

3) Changing Your Time Line: Many years ago, a frequent flyer friend of mine recommended to me the idea of adjusting all of my physical clocks I travelled with (i.e. watches, mobile phone clocks, etc.) to the time of the final destination time zone to help me overcome jet lag. He suggested that I do this while at the airport just prior to my departure. He said, “it helps reset the internal clock and also helps the body adjust to the new time zone.”

Interesting concept I thought! So, I gave his suggestion a go, and it worked wonderfully. I continued successfully using this simple little tip ever since throughout many years of long-distance personal & business travel.

Now, let’s examine a couple of the possibilities as to why this technique actually works, considering what we already know or have discussed at our NLP & Time Line Therapy® trainings.

Well, purely from an NLP & Hypnosis point of view, what if the positive verbal suggestion from my friend is what assisted me in creating new behaviors and new outcomes when traveling?

Perhaps changing a physical watch or clock is a visual symbol to the unconscious mind to make the time storage change at the unconscious level.

Or, what if my unconscious mind took on the suggestion, changed my Time Line, and adjusted the way I “organized time” internally in a new way which corresponded with the time zone I was travelling to?

Most likely, any of the scenarios mentioned above are possible. Let’s discuss the third concept in more detail, since it relates to a Time Line Therapy® technique from our Practitioner Training that can be used as a guide to assist in consciously making an adjustment to your internal clock when traveling long distances? So, how do you do it?

While you are sitting on the plane before takeoff, take a couple of minutes to consciously adjust your Time Line to represent that of your final destination. If you attended our Practitioner Training, refer to the “Changing The Time Line” section of your Time Line Therapy® manual as a guide to make this time storage adjustment to your Time Line.

When doing the process and while floating above your Time Line, rather than rotating your Time Line to the new desired direction…

Ask your unconscious mind to adjust your Time Line in a new way, which corresponds with the time zone of the final destination you are traveling to. Then, float right back down into the present, into your body, and have your unconscious mind organize your Time Line in the new way. Then, lock your Time Line in place.

If you haven’t attended one of our Time Line Therapy® trainings yet, simply change all of your physical clocks to the time zone of your final destination just prior to your departure. And…trust your unconscious mind to assist you in making the change easily and effortlessly.

Either way, enjoy the results and please remember to switch it back before your return flight home.

4) Releasing a Limiting Decision: As we discuss at our Time Line Therapy® trainings, a limiting decision is a decision held at the unconscious level that was made in the past, which limits our beliefs and our results in the present. When a limiting decision is released and cleared out, it makes it possible for us to create our future to be the way we want it to be.

Examples of limiting decisions are “I’m not good enough,” or “I can’t make money,” or “I can’t have a great relationship,” or pertaining to the topic at hand for instance…

…“I always get jet lag,” or “I can’t feel how I want to feel after traveling a long distance,” or “It takes me a long time to get acclimated to my new time zone when travelling.”

What if an unconscious limiting decision pertaining to “jet lag” or “challenging travel” was the deep-rooted cause of your experiencing jet lag in the first place? To help you discover the root cause of your limiting decision related to jet lag, simply ask yourself, “When did I decide to start experiencing jet lag?”

Now, what to do about it? Clear out all related limiting decisions and start traveling with ease. How?

Use the Time Line Therapy® techniques learned in your Practitioner Training to 1) Discover the Root Cause of your jet lag and then 2) Release the limiting decision(s) with the Time Line Therapy® Limiting Decision technique and create a new decision to feel exactly how you want to feel when you arrive at your new destination.

I hope you enjoyed reading the 4 Tips for Overcoming Jet Lag as much as I did writing them. Enjoy the results! If you have any specific questions about NLP tips and tricks for smoother travel, you can contact us directly at

Adriana James

About the Author: Adriana James

NLP Master Trainer, Hypnosis Master Trainer and NLPCoaching Master Trainer. She is the author of the book Values And the Evolution of Consciousness - a book about how to take advantage of the massive changes which the world is going through and  Time Line Therapy® Made Easy - an introduction to Time Line Therapy® techniques easy to master by everyone. To read more about Adriana go here.


  1. Brett Ellis
    Brett Ellis

    This makes excellence sense Stephan! Thanks mate _ I don’t fly much at all, but, I’m off to APEP in a few weeks and I will apply a couple of techniques to and from my destination!

    Thanks Mate

  2. Awesome stuff my friend. Will be practicing your techniques on my way to the land of OZ for APEP this very week. My Unconscious mind and I thank you for the tips!!!


  3. Jefferson

    Thank you Stephan. Looking forward to testing this out with TLT® on my trip overseas next month. I had figured out the changing of the watch and time piece intuitively, and I can imagine adding the rest of your tips will bring even greater ease and results.
    Lots of water too!


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