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NLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James CoNLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James CoNLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James Co

11 Things You Can Expect After the NLP Master Practitioner Training – Part 2

CameliaBy Camelia Paduraru – Guest writer

In part one of this article we talked about shortening the distance between thought and its materialization, improving business, relationships, communication and emotional balance as results that people experience after taking a personal transformation journey such as the NLP Master Practitioner Training. Here are some more aspects that I found very telling in terms of what else is possible.

6. You Might Solve Health Problems

Understanding emotional and psychological causes of body’s reactions, changing the old ways of thinking according to which illness and disease is something static over which you have no power, clearing negative emotions and stressors had a positive influence on participants’ health state, immunity and vitality.

In the ˜pain paradigm’ segment, we assisted a real time back pain reduction, on a scale of 1 to 10, from the initial perceived level of 6, to 0.

Speaking of real time, the subject who volunteered as demonstration subject for the allergy elimination technique could no longer replay the old behavior – that of sneezing whenever he happened to be exposed to pepper.

Another graduate shared the following:

˜I managed to control much better a back pain that used to torment me.’

Another participant told us that after the Master Practitioner training, whenever she happens to experience symptoms, understanding the psychosomatic cause significantly reduces the healing time.

Somebody else shared that he can clearly distinguish how precise and immediate is the body’s response to conscious awareness processes, be it by spontaneous appearence or disappearence of symptoms.

This was another participant’s feedback :

˜I’ve registered a great progress with my health state and it has been great to realize that I haven’t had any health issues since taking the Practitioner training. I’ve also worked a lot with my son on this matter and I’ve seen great results on him.

 7. You Might See More Clearly Exactly Where You Stand In Your Way

Not rare are the cases in which participants don’t have any problems. They take the course for information and resources, but they don’t have any jams. Or at least this is what they think at the moment. And it’s no little surprise when, after the training, experiences bring out exactly what kept them stuck, without even knowing.

˜I was reflecting upon the idea that we attract the same issues that define us (or people that mirror us), and I couldn’t find any meaning. And still I remember Cami’s (the trainer) words saying that in the end, each coaching session will be a self-coaching session. Playing the coach and the coachee role at the same time sounded like a story to me.

˜So the story begins with my first client coming with a very serious problem, money issues and lot of debts. I’ve started to work with her. Maximum two weeks later, a second client, different city, no relation with the first one but having the same problem, comes and asks for help.

˜All good until I begun to ask myself the question “to whom do I have debts to honor and I have forgotten about?” and the answer came instantly: to myself, So here comes the answer to one of my problems, the relation with money and doing lot of unpaid work, investing effort and value and not receiving anything back.

˜Many problems have started to come to the surface and I perceive this as a huge step. At the Practitioner training I thought “I don’t know what issues to work on in the client role as I have none, but for some reason, I’m not happy either”.’

 8. You Might Fall In Love With The Right Person

Paraphrasing Carl Jung, you marry your unconscious mind and then you start projecting onto them everything you haven’t solved inside yourself. Therefore, guess what happens when it is full of blocks and issues? And what happens when you get rid of the entire unnecessary load.

By letting go of fear with Time Line Therapy® processes, one of the participants ended a cycle of toxic relationships and discovered what he calls his ˜emotional truth’.

Somebody else shared the following:

˜In my newest life, I met a man about [sic] how I imagined: gentle, well-read, curious, brave and playful. I admit, for a long time my curiosity hasn’t been aroused as by him. We’ll see what we imagine further on, but now it’s a beautiful now.’

In conclusion, removal of fears and destructive patterns from the past and former relationships might unleash your way to the person you deserve, a wholesome nourishing relationship that really supports your evolution.

9. You Might Discover That It’s Way Easier To Find Solutions

The ability of detaching from day-to-day events, of dissociating former patterns of reactive behavior and asking constructive questions might make you aware that you’re doing excellent in situations that would have been a source of trouble in the past.

One of the graduates that immediately after completion of the training happened to experience a series of personal and financial challenges, says:

˜I know with certainty that in the past such a context would have enabled a whole series of states without resources, but this time just because every time I felt ˜cornered’, I wondered ˜what else is possible?’ and ˜what else can I do?’, I identified totally ecological solutions for each aspect, and I always kept in mind that it is just a period. Everything because during the course I learned to simplify those contexts that seem hopeless and I have always believed that there is a solution no matter how many environmental factors, apparently averse, I had…’

She also noted

˜,the capacity to detach the problem just enough to identify solutions and resources, the ability to identify multiple solutions to a problem, an open and relaxed attitude towards others, even if they are part of the problem and another way of thinking, solution-oriented.’

10. You Might Discover Yourself Different Than You Thought

We grow up appropriating a lot of ideas about who we are, and especially, who we aren’t. How would it be if we could release the weight of what we were told to be and we would discover more of what we really are?

Here’s what some of those who did it, say:

˜The caterpillar turns to butterfly. In fact, no, it’s not like this. The caterpillar became conscious that it has always been a butterfly, but it only didn’t see its wings till now.’

˜This course offered me the final piece of the puzzle that I just started. Partially concrete translated, I managed to sign the most important contract of good cooperation and trust between my mind and my soul.’

˜If I had to express in a single word what did I reach after this course is: MAGIC; something MAGICAL for me.

I came locked not in one, but three boxes one in another, so that nobody and nothing could touch me, and above I had the windows through which I learned. After the course, I remembered to love people and trust others.

The phrase “there’s no I can’t, there is just I don’t want to” is very meaningful to me now.’

11. You Might Feel the Need to Further Share With Others the Knowledge You Received

Not the least, received resources and awareness of how many things are possible by involving them, might make you feel a compelling need to give them further, along with the unlimited satisfaction of contributing to a better world.

˜The Master course came to me as a roof put over a house with a solid foundation. If at the Practitioner course I received the best gift, I now know for what purpose I got it, how I can give it forward and why it is right to give it.’

Congratulations everybody for achieving such wonderful results and many thanks to the graduates of the 2014 Master Practitioner class in Romania who contributed to writing this article!