NLP Trainers Stephan and Shalee Schafeitel

Stephan and Shalee Schafeitel: Creating Positive Impact in other People’s Lives

NLP Trainers Stephan and Shalee Schafeitel

Stephan and Shalee Schafeitel
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NLP Trainers Stephan and Shalee Schafeitel (also known as Steph & Shay) are together side-by-side everyday having fun positively impacting people’s lives.

Before they met each other, they inspired, coached and empowered individuals in each of their respected fields. Stephan was a leading sales executive, trainer & coach in the corporate arena. With his charismatic style he trained countless teams & individuals how to consistently exceed their goals at every company he worked for. He holds degrees in marketing and finance, with additional focus on psychology and communication and has always had a great passion for personal development. Shalee was an entrepreneur in the fields of marketing and business development. She has always been passionate about health & fitness, having run a marathon & multiple half-marathons, triathlons and coached many other people to achieve amazing results.

In 2010, they combined forces developing their own training and coaching programs after becoming Trainers of NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis. They were both trained directly from Tad James and Adriana James in the modalities and also the shamanistic science of Hawaiian Huna. They are both members of the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming, American Board of Hypnotherapy and the Time Line Therapy® Association.

As trainers and coaches, they are passionate about living a happy, healthy lifestyle – mind & body as well as learning, sharing & growing every day from each other, their mentors, and everyone they work with.

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