Congratulations Tad!

Congratulations Tad!

Congratulations Tad!

I’m so excited that Tad James received The NLP Lifetime Contribution Award. Congratulations Tad! I can honestly say that Tad James & The Tad James Company have completely transformed my life and the way I think on every level. After Master Practitioner I made quick and massive change using NLP, Time Line Therapy® techniques and NLP Coaching to free myself from toxic personal relationships and a career that was damaging to my health and my mind.

At the time I believed there was no way out, until I met Tad & Adriana James, who inspired me to push myself beyond my comfort zones, and create the life I dreamed of. These two amazing mentors in my life have truly been an open book of knowledge and are always sharing their secrets of success. I believe Time Line Therapy® is the most powerful technique that exists today and I’m honored to have been taught by the creator of Time Line Therapy® himself, Tad James. His work has touched thousands of people around the world with such a deep impact towards the quest to Transform the Planet. With much love and respect to Tad & Adriana James! Thank you both so much and may our alignment continue!

by Deb Huckins


  1. Mikka George

    Yey! Congratulations!

  2. Jon Sanchez

    You deserve it, Please continue to inspire more individuals like me. Wohoooo

  3. Malia Soriano

    Thumbs Up to the Tad and James Co, Everett James and Adriana James. You guys are awesome..

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