Values And What To Do When You Don't Know What Your Purpose Is

Values And What To Do When You Don’t Know What Your Purpose Is

Our Values are very telling! Once elicited they can give us incredible insight into what’s important to us, our motivations and how we filter our reality and even the way we think! What if they could also help us find our purpose? What if when we know our Values we can take action now to start fulfilling them, which would in turn create a more joyful and prosperous life now! In this clip Dr. Adriana James gives us quick and easy steps to discover our Values and how to take action on fulfilling them!


  1. Rhea Locsin

    Very informative video. Thanks Adriana

  2. Maria Nisnisan

    Amazing!! This is my current problem right now, thanks for all the tips and advice Adriana. I will take note of all of it and apply in real life. This page is just amazing. #NLP

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