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Terms of Service

Terms of Services NLPCoaching.com

Acceptance: Use of the MEMBERS ONLY AREA of NLPCoaching.com has been constituted in accordance to the Terms of Service (TOS) as solely imposed by the company in general. At any time, if you feel aggravated or in disagreement with such, please do revoke your membership by unsubscribing from the site.


Member Payment Provisions

  • ·Paypal: NLPCoaching.com does not support PayPal nor have any direct access to your PayPal account. Paypal support must be employed to do such.
  • ·Refund Policy: No refunds could be made unless there is a valid and legally binding reason for such. In terms of cancellation of orders, it could be done at no cost.
  • ·Cancellations: Cancellations of orders are directly handled and supported by Paypal. If you have an outstanding Paypal account, log-in and access your ‘Recurring Payments” to cancel. Although the site contains a Cancellation Button, it only directs you to PayPal in order to cancel your purchases.


Subscriber, Member and Commenter Conduct Provisions

The creation of the NLPCoaching digital community is inherently directed for the sole purpose of providing entertainment and information upon users from different entry levels – either paid or non-paid. Not considering the type of subscription or membership level, by voluntarily or involuntarily agreeing to be a part of this community, you hereby understand and, at the same time, agree to all company policies, rules, disclaimers and terms as imposed hereto by the company.

More so, owners and moderators of this community shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of information so provided for by other users and more so, for any other circumstances that may arise. Furthermore, it is to be understood that, you are held solely and individually responsible for your own actions.

In addition, the owners shall have the right to delete and decline submissions offensive and defamatory items from users in relation to the rules imposed hereinafter. In lieu of the aforementioned, it shall constitute banning or suspension of membership, with the likes of but not limited to the following:

* Bigotry remarks aimed at provoking unsolicited actions on the part of the owners

* Illegal actions such as sending of attachments that shall cause technical problems for the system

*Use of defamatory remarks such as Profanity, Swearing and or Abusive Languages
* Unjust enrichment over the person of another
* Sexual Harassment in pursuance to the personal or professional character of other users

* Inappropriate posting of both personal and professional information of others without their consent

* Improper posting of links in relation to other locations that which violate any of the terms referred in the existing Terms of Service

* Prejudicial, Racist and Perceptional remarks against others

* Predisposed notions in relevance to religious and political beliefs which are derogatory in character

* Indecent advertising or solicitation without owner’s permission

* Excessive posting, spamming and or “flooding” on the comment section of the website

* Any other action that is deemed offensive, derogatory and defamatory in character according to the preference and judgment of the Community Owners


  • Although it is inevitable that in any opinion and discussion based site, there would always be a variety of perceptual opinions and perceptive interpretation, it shall not be unjustly antagonizing of others.
  • By subscribing and participating in this community, you hereby submit and agree to refrain from potentially abusing others with unwarranted and harassing opinions or by sending them odious emails or files that are deemed offensive to them. More so, you agree to exercise and exhaust diligence upon yourself in lieu of keeping within the bounds as stipulated by the company in its Terms of Service.
  • Child pornography or depictions of such are inherently dissuaded and not allowed by the owners and moderators of this community. To wit, depictions refer to, but not limited to include text-based and written descriptions and or visual representations linking to such immoral acts. Anyone caught depicting such material will be banned from this server without further warning.
  • We reserve to uphold and revoke the right to share information transmitted to the community. By way of submission, you agree that we have the permission to copy, store, restrict, edit, delete, distribute, process, alter and use such to our own advantage without infringing any right of the sender in relation to the operation of the community. In observance of such, any unlawful act done and committed using our serve shall merit a lawful and legal action on our end.
  • Data, information, comments, ideas and materials shall be deemed submitted if such are submitted to any of our server, storage, archive or authorized personnel that which, in any other circumstances, relate to the community per se. These shall include, but not limited to the following social media sites:



Electronic Communication Groups




Web Sites; and

Any other medium by which the community participants might utilize in lieu of exchanging ideas.


  • Fallacious and scrupulously formulated user accounts whose information stated are considered false shall warrant a removal, without any warning, from the database of the community upon discovery.
  • Indecent solicitations and advertisements from community participants is deemed illegal and may warrant suspension or removal from the community. Such includes prohibition on recruitment for sites or services other than that which is handled by the community, promotion of competitors and the likes.
  • By participating in this community, you agree and submit to all that has been aforementioned and others that may deem offensive, disruptive and derogatory on the person of another. It shall be mandated that, at all times, users and participants shall exude extraordinary diligence in relating with others and adhere to the policies as outlined in the Terms of Service.
  • You submit to the prohibition that there shall be no electronic storage, copy, retrieval, distribution and so forth in reference to information and data as so owned by the community to any of your own web site or any other of the same caliber. If otherwise done, the community shall have the right to remove you from participating in the community including taking legal action without prior notice.
  •  The owners and moderators shall not be held responsible for any damage caused to you or by you or to any of your property by another.
  • That, upon registration, you agree that there shall be no obligation to refund a “remainder” of any monthly membership fee in reference to abusive and obnoxious acts committed by you. Monthly fees shall and are not pro-rated or broken drown in parts. If, and only if, the owners agree to elect to refund a fee, then it shall be limited to the most recent, exclusive of previous, months.
  • That, upon cancellation of your membership, you will not be able to log into the website again.

NLP Coaching and its owners reserve the right to update the Terms of Service (TOS) without prior notice.

US Office: +1-888-440-4823 Australia toll free: 1800–133–433
From outside the US: +1-702 440-4823 Australia Office: +61 2 9221 9221
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