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NLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James CoNLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James CoNLP Coaching & Time Line TherapyR - The Tad James Co

NLP Training and Certification

13 Reasons To Take a Training With Tad & Adriana James

THE NLP TRAINER’S TRAINING: To get the most of your training investment, there are some things you need to know before you decide:

Why Take the NLP Trainer’s Training With Us?

Ever Wish You Had The Courage AND SKILLS To Stand Up In Front of People And ‘Take The Room’?

Be Trained By One of The Original Masters of NLP, the Creator of Time Line Therapy™ Techniques, Dr. Tad James: For the past 25 years, Tad James, M.S., Ph.D. has been training people to become Trainers of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Tad has trained more people in NLP certification as Trainers than anyone else in the world. Our NLP training for Trainers is the most long-standing and consistently extraordinary in the field. In fact, other training offered by his graduates were closely (maybe too closely) inspired by his work. When you take this training you will be the best you can be!

Tad is joined by Adriana James, M.A., Ph.D., a gifted, knowledgeable and charismatic presenter — the best in NLP.

Watch one of our best trainers share his experience of the Training:

NLP Training Graduate
This training will make a difference in your life as a presenter, as a person and as a human being. It will give you the skills you need to become a success. Our intention is to provide you with NLP certification at the highest standard of knowledge in the field. Our graduates are the most successful trainers and presenters in the world, whether they use the skills to teach NLP, or simply in any type of business setting.


  • Learn the ‘In’s and ‘Out’s of the professional speaking and in particular NLP Training.
  • Get on the career fast-track to get promotions and pay raises faster than your colleagues.
  • Be offered the best postings, projects as well as the biggest budgets and teams to manage with the fattest pay-checks in the company.
  • Overcome the fear of public speaking once and for all to be able to express your thoughts and expertise effortlessly and expertly in meetings, presentations and workshops.
  • Understand the various NLP business possibilities so you can design your trainings exactly as you want them to be for maximum appeal to the business audience!
  • Increase your visibility across your organization, including the board of directors and/or committees as well as to the suppliers and stockholders.
  • Know the benefits of a career on stage and how to avoid the pitfalls that most speakers make.
  • Increase your credibility so that you have an ongoing and permanent stream of prospects who want to and can buy from you.
  • Improve your group facilitation and leadership skills so people look up to you with greater respect and admiration.
  • Double your sales commissions in the next 12 months by becoming a more effective speaker when presenting yourself, your product and company to prospects and clients.
  • Create a much bigger sales funnel with less effort than you’re putting in right now.
  • Create, build and sustain value-based, long-term client relationships that bullet-proof your profits and recession-proof your business.
  • Get started as soon as possible training other people and make your new career profitable right from the beginning.

Today, there is a major business opportunity in NLP training. Trainersare in demand the world over. It is a great investment for your future. Click Here

This is a training in becoming an authority figure. At the end of your NLP training you will have the strength and confidence to be an authority figure. By the nature of the skills you receive, you will know you are an authority figure every time you present on any subject.

One more thing: there are other NLP training sessions that will not certify you as an NLP Trainer — we do! This is important to you, because it means that you have the best chance of being certified as a trainer, and the best chance of being a success when you study with us.

If you really want to be a successful presenter, regardless of what career path you follow, then you seriously must consider NLP training. At the end of Trainers Training you will have all the expertise you need, and if you utilize it, you will become the most magnificent presenter possible.

SPECIAL PREVIEW: Recorded Live and Not Yet Released … from the NLP Trainer’s Training: “Intro to How Do Successful NLP Demonstrations” with Tad and Adriana James (The product is scheduled for release in the last quarter of 2006.)

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See when our next training is: Schedule of Events

Here is a recent letter from one of our Graduates of the 2006 Trainer’s Training:

18 August, 2006

Dear Adriana and Tad,

Thank you for inviting me to APEP; I really appreciate the belief you have shown in me even hen I didn’t perhaps believe in myself. I have decided to decline the invitation on this occasion.

When I booked Trainers Training I didn’t really know consciously why I was doing it other than a desire to deepen my understanding and to grow personally. I told Adriana that this had been the most profound course that I had attended but in a way, Practitioner, Master Practitioner, and now Trainers Training have all had a profound effect on me and represented significant milestones in my life.

It’s also all the people in Trainers Training that have played a major role. My friend, Clive did tell me that it will create profound and permanent change. The feedback I have received from you, the coaching assistants and my peer group, have helped me to change and grow; I would like to think that I have given as much as I have received.

Your metaphors have touched me deeply; it’s as if you knew exactly what was going on in my life and that you have speaking to me personally. (There’s a bucket of crabs waiting for me at home!)

I know I have a certificate that says that I am a Certified Trainer of NLP, and certainly feel as though I’ve earned it, but I have received much greater personal value – it’s as if the whole process has been a metaphor for something much larger for me. You warned us that “our stuff will come us” and there’s no doubt that I have faced Robin Melley and seen some things I didn’t like that are going to change – have to change.

I am so thankful that our paths have crossed.

With love and best wishes,

Robin Melley
Certified Trainer of NLP, United Kingdom

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What does it take to be a Trainer?

Self – Confidence and Certaintynlp yes to success

Did you know that statistically more people are afraid of public speaking than of death? Many otherwise extremely gifted presenters are afraid when they have to address groups bigger than …one other person! When you graduate from our Trainers Training, you will be confident that you can present in front of any number of people.

To teach something is not necessary to “live” the material you teach, however all the real masters of the world have something in common: they make out of their teaching a way of life. This means that they congruently apply their teaching in every day life and make the best out of them. Tad is one of these unparalleled teachers who shares with his students everything he knows, and everything he has developed in personal excellence. This is an added bonus to the presenting and training skills you receive.

A Graduate from Nov 2004 Sydney: “I have performed to thousands of people in my career. I thought I knew how to present. Until…Trainers Training, 3 weeks of the most inspirational, informative and magical material I have ever learned. I now present with exceptional confidence knowing I am getting the message across to everyone!” — Alice Haemmerle, Director “A Perfect Mind” Australia

Personal and Professional Success

Some trainings present ideas and theories rather than train you in new skills and abilities. This is not much different from reading books or researching the internet for information, therefore this type of training can be a more expensive and time-consuming way of getting the same result.

There are trainings that allow you to feel confident and motivated but because you don’t learn behavioral competence to support those feelings, two weeks later you are in the same position you were before you took the training. This does not make the experience less enjoyable as long as it is not confused with NLP training.

Some trainings will have the trainer try to look really good, and to be extremely interesting in his presentations. In our training we are interested in you looking good and achieving your goals for taking the training.

A Graduate from Oct 2003: “Trainers Training – That’s when I really learned how NLP + Time Line Therapy™ works and to really believe it.” — Richard Walker, England

Who does the teaching?

When you attend NLP training with The Tad James Company, you study only with Master Trainers. You study with the most experienced trainers in all of the field of NLP. tad and adriana james holding hands
Some trainings are advertised with the name of a well-known trainer, however it may turn out that the “big name” will only teach a small portion of the training, and less-experienced trainers will teach the rest. Other trainings are conducted by younger trainers with insufficient life experience who simply copy the words of the masters and appear to be very flashy and charismatic.

The question remains the same: are they interested in your success and results or in their own? At our Trainers Training our greatest success is to have our graduates have the best results and achieve all their goals for taking the training.

A Graduate from the UK: “The most exciting, rewarding and comprehensive training you can ever take. It supplies you with all the skills to deliver NLP trainings of excellence right NOW! I became a successful trainer immediately” — Bruce M. Farrow, England

Master Trainers (Tad James and Adriana James) conduct our entire NLP training. This is important for you as a student. Dr. Tad James is one of the most famous NLP Trainers in the world. He is one of the original masters of NLP, the creator of Time Line Therapy™ techniques. Dr. Adriana James is a very charismatic, gifted and knowledgeable presenter. She represents a living example for all women who are interested in being empowered and empowering women.

Together with Adriana, Tad teaches the whole time – from the first day of the training to the very last. They both love to teach and to empower people to become most magnificent presenters. At The Tad James Co., you get the best, because we love to train! Your results are our advertising!

A Graduate from NLP Trainers Training: “If you want to accelerate all aspects of life, then you would want to take Trainers Training to increase your performance levels. If you think its about NLP Training, then you are right, it is also about congruency in the performance of your life. Life has many challenges, and to face up to them and then some then Trainers Training is what you want to do, to let them go.” — Alex Francica, Adelaide, Australia

We’re one of the largest NLP organizations in the world. At The Tad James Co., LLC, we all have achieved success and we have as one of our most important values sharing our knowledge with you, so that you can become successful yourself. That’s why we’re here, and that’s why we do the Trainer’s Training.

How long is the training?

While there’s no ideal amount of time needed for a Trainer’s Training, you need time you to do presentations, to see great trainers in action, and to master the material. Since we do more than just presentation skills, we take more than just 6 or 7 days; we think it takes longer to do a great Trainer’s Training.See when our next training is: Schedule of Events

A Graduate from Sydney: “Trainers Training was the most transformational training I have ever taken both on a personal and business level. My income was increased and I have the satisfaction of training others in these amazing, life changing technologies of NLP. I recommend Trainers Training to all my students.” — Carolyn Gosling

What kinds of trainings do your trainers teach?

“As a teacher, this is the best ‘classroom’ experience that I have ever experienced. The training design is excellent and all teachers would profit greatly from this training.!!” –Mary Donecker, East Petersburg, Pennsylvania

It’s one thing to be able to present NLP, but it’s quite another to make presentations to business groups, or New Age groups, or to do any other kind of group work. Of course, we present some of the best NLP training in the world, but we also present a wide variety of other trainings to an even wider variety of people.

We teach The Secret of Creating Your Future® seminar to the general public. We teach Sales Trainings to business people. We teach Time Line Therapy® trainings to the therapeutic community. We even teach Hawaiian Huna to people with more esoteric interests. And all these different types of trainings have one thing in common — our participants love them! You need different skills to teach in different markets, and we provide them to you.

NLP happy peopleA Graduate from Trainers Training 2003: “Thank you for a fabulous Trainers Training, it has enabled me to add real power and effectiveness to my presentations meetings with my business clients as well as a positive impact with my one on one therapy sessions. My personal growth and transformation has been phenomenal. Assisting at you trainings over the past years has continued to provide me with new insights and learnings, from a totally new perspective. Awesome! I’ll be back! Again, because I know there is more! Deborah Edwards, Octavian 2005

How is information presented?

The variety of NLP trainers in the world is tremendous. There are trainers who are delightful entertainers, fantastic storytellers, great hypnotists, and useful “data-dumpers.” We think it takes all of these skills, and more, to present great training, so we place emphasis on all of them. As amazing as it seems, participants have told us about trainings that will bore you! Or intimidate you! Or drain you! Obviously, you need something else. Our NLP training will entertain you, challenge you, delight you, impress you, engage you, support you, encourage you and empower you with confidence and competence. Just ask our participants!

A Graduate from Trainer’s Training 1997: “I’ve been in various Trainer’s Trainings at least 4 times before, and have taught in the computer industry for 16 years and I have never experienced such incredible in-depth teaching before.” — Frank Tralongo, Los Gatos, California

SPECIAL PREVIEW: Recorded Live and Not Yet Released … from the NLP Trainer’s Training: “Intro to How Do Successful NLP Demonstrations” with Tad and Adriana James (The product is scheduled for release in the last quarter of 2006.)

Here is a recent letter from one of our Graduates of the 2002 Trainer’s Training:
Dear Tad,

So you think you’re trainers now…..

This was your closing line at the certification ceremony last year in LA. Those words have lived a life on their own in my mind, since then. After the training and good holidays right after the training. The feeling of being a trainer began to sink in. So you think you’re trainers now…..

First of all thank you very much for the great education I have received. It has been my plan since spring last year to really be an NLP trainer. And I wanted to get certified, you brought me more however. For example, I am still working for an international software company, and after I had followed the trainers training I am ranked number 1 consistently on my presentations in the company. To combine every day life’s metaphors with extremely technical presentations, was challenging at first. After a few tries it really began to work. And it keeps working. So, it already brings me a lot of good things in my `normal` career.

I have been thinking about doing NLP training ever since the training. I was already doing some small `practice´ trainings for a small audience since then. This was good for exercise; it also made me realize that I want to do the real thing. A real group with a lot of people. Also people that I don’t know. This was going to be the kick.

First of all, I like to give trainings with other people. Also has to do with my metaprograms, I like to play in teams. And I belief that there is a lot more flexibility in doing trainings with more people. …

I also want to thank you very much for putting in the Dutch slide set in my trainers disk, this is very useful and now I also have the huge advantage of being able to use your manuals. We translate them into Dutch, and we add our own things to it. We have put a large thank you in our preface and we are addressing your copyright rights here. …

However, am I just writing a thank you mail? No, definitely not..,.

I want to sign up for the Master Trainers program. I have started my first training now, together with Gail. And now after two lessons I am sure. I love this job! I am in for master trainer program.

Kind Regards,

Guido Dik
The Netherlands
International certified NLP trainer (by Tad James)

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The Tad James Company
A Full Service Organization

It’s very important to look at the organization behind the training. NLP Training is an important step in your personal and professional development. As such, there’s more that we provide than just a great training. We provide further opportunities for your success and development. These include:

  • Trainer’s Evaluation — the opportunity to obtain NLP Certification. Most organizations can’t offer that.
  • Permission to use our training manuals for Practitioner and Master Practitioner trainings, and the entire slide presentation — helping you get started right away.
  • Audios of complete trainings — helping you to review the material and design your own trainings.
  • Personal support from Certified NLP Trainers (via e-Mail — see address below) and toll-free telephone support.
  • A Further Professional Development Program for becoming a Master Trainer of NLP.
    we are truly a full-service organization. That’s important to your professional development.

You are privileged to complete NLP training with what is truly a full-service organization. That’s important to your professional development.

NLP Trainer’s Training Content

  • Teaching to the conscious/unconscious mind simultaneously
  • Creating moment to moment state control in your audience
  • Controlling energy in the room
  • Using nested loops and multiple embedded metaphors
  • Creating effective stage anchors
  • Expanding vocal flexibility
  • Demonstrations and demo subjects
  • Understanding learning styles and training styles
  • Training design and sequencing
  • Handling and utilizing objections and hecklers
  • Demonstrating content as you teach it
  • Making future subjects easy to teach using pre-teaching
  • Behaviorally demonstrating content as you teach it
  • Giving effective feedback
  • Get rid of your worst fears before they happen
  • Training room design
  • The business of training — sales, marketing, financial statements, etc.
  • Trade secrets and tricks of the trade


1. Previous training in Practitioner Level NLP is required for attendance.

2. Certification as a Practitioner and Master Practitioner is recommended.

3. See Trainer’s Evaluation for further Prerequisites if interested in possible certification.

American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP Trainer’s Training, Evaluation and Certification:

Total Training: REG: $7,995 WEB SPECIAL: $7,395
a one time $100 Certification Fee. $1,495.- deposit. For complete terms and conditions, please click here.

This Training meets the standards of the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming. So your certification has worldwide recognition.

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