Dr. Adriana James NLP - Live from Studio 6B in New York

Dr. Adriana James NLP – Live from Studio 6B in New York

Recently, in mainstream media, network TV and radio shows we hear this term: neuro-linguistic Programming or NLP. explaining what it is and what it can do for people, Dr. Adriana James was guest to Live From Studio 6B – TV Talk Show – in New York. A very clear explanation of how NLP can be used to model what excellent people do to get the results they want.


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    Great Interview Adriana.

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    Georgina Anderson-Rodgers

    Hey Adrianna
    Fantastic interview. You articulate the fundamentals of NLP elegantly.
    Georgina Anderson

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    Hi Adriana, definitely a great interview. You have explained it well and also the interviewer was asking some good questions. I like it!

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    Danny moynihan

    My daughter is 15 and I would like her to do an nlp course. Could you advise?

    • Sarah Fung
      Sarah Fung

      Hi Danny,
      Thank you for your message, we will have someone be in touch with you for more information.
      Thank you.

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