Tad James Message 2017-18

Tad James Message 2017-18

A personal message for YOU from Dr. Tad James himself! Check out this video and see firsthand Dr. Tad James in action during the recent NLP Trainer’s Training in Sydney AUS, where he honours his wife Dr. Adriana James and has an important announcement for you!



  1. Hey Tad
    you know you are an amazing man and you know you have an amazing wife!!! She is the woman I want to model! I didnt get 100% in the test but I can assure you I am fully born again NLP and will devote the rest of my life to market saturation. The world thanks you Tad!!!
    Warm Regards
    Georgina Anderson

  2. Maria

    Tad, this is a great opportunity to thank you for the tremendous influence you’ve had in my life, and to thank Adriana for helping me to find my voice…
    I’m forever grateful!!

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