Master Hypnosis Trainer's Training

Master Hypnosis Trainer’s Training

NLP Master Hypnosis Trainer’s Training


For The Real Masters of Hypnosis Only

Some people think they’re “the best” but there is no acknowledgement or verification from the outside! Now, receive verification that indeed you are a Master of Hypnosis.

The American Board of Hypnotherapy wants to acknowledge the Hypnosis Trainers in the world who are recognized as masters. If you are one of them, the Master Hypnosis Trainer’s Training is for you. As a result you will be certified as a Master Trainer of Hypnosis.

This means practically, that you don’t just teach hypnosis or hypnotherapy, but that you teach and certify Hypnosis Trainers. Because only the best teach the best.

There are prerequisites that will determine whether or not you can take this training, but rest assured that when you qualify, you will be joining the ranks of a handful of Hypnosis Masters in the world.

The American Board of Hypnotherapy has 3 levels of qualification:

  • Certified Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist
  • Certified Hypnosis Trainer
  • Certified Hypnosis Master Trainer

Pre-requisites apply. 

These are the Master Hypnosis Trainer Graduates in 2012
NLP Coaching Master Hypnosis Trainer Graduates 
From left to right: Prof. Richard Sui Ping Lin – Hong Kong, Elmar Woelm Ph.D. – Germany, Dr. Thomas Schroeck – Austria, Tad James Ph.D – USA, Adriana James Ph.D – USA, Dr Billy Kueek – Singapore, Douglas A. Woock – USA, Takahito Ko – Japan

Call to see if you qualify:

US Office: +1-888-440-4823 Australia toll free: 1800–133–433
From outside the US: +1-702 440-4823 Australia Office: +61 2 9221 9221
Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected]


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